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Russian Bear Chocolate

This is a small square of Russian chocolate that I received from my boyfriend. One of his coworker friends teaches Russian and heard I was into trying all sorts of chocolate and thoughtfully handed this to him to give to me. It’s amazing how people are so eager to share chocolate with others. It’s really wonderful.

This piece of chocolate is small in size, about inch long, half inch wide and tall. The image of bears and cubs on the front is cute, and it’s illustrated and decorated in a way that it’s very 1960’s Swiss chalet feel to it. There’s no Russian script on there, not that it matters as there is no way I’d understand it. 

The chocolate once unwrapped (it had an extra wrapper underneath) doesn’t smell of much. It’s got light notes of cocoa, and just…well, fat. I was immediately suspicious that it’s mockolate. My first bite reveals that the center is mainly a large crispy center made of dense wafers. That was a surprise, as I was expecting a solid chunk of chocolate. They taste lightly of vanilla and are very thick. I have no ingredients list, but I can say the coating is indeed mockolate. It’s sweet and really not much else, and it has this odd coolness on the tongue.

Overall it’s pretty flavorless, but at least the wrapper was pretty. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try this again.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It


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