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Japanese Fish Gummi Game Package

Yet another Japanese candy today, I’m on a roll, I know. This candy is by far the wackiest I’ve had to date. It’s not only meant to be eaten, but assembled and played with a well. Talk about an interactive candy!

The premise of this is based on a typical Japanese game you find at most festivals in the summer. It’s like scooping fish in a barrel, really, and kids just love to play it. The idea of the game is the player is given a little scoop, where the strainer part is frail and will dissolve very quickly in water, and the child tried to quickly catch a fish into a little dish to take home as a prize. Often the scoops breaks before a fish is caught, so you do need some skills to win at this. I’ve played versions of this, but with floating balls representing certain prizes, and I never fared very well.

Once I opened the package, there was a large plastic tray with a deep well in it, a small spoon, a packed of powder, a wafer scoop and a packet of gummis. The powder packed showed a pictures of a goldfish taking the spoon and stirring the powder into water placed in the plastic tray. Even tho I could read the directions, anyone who couldn’t could still know what to do.

So I added some water, poured the bright blue powder into it, which smelled like bubble gum, and stirred. The powder clumped a little, but it did a nice job of turning my water a nice shade of blue, making it feel more like a game right out of a cartoon. I then added the fish gummis, there’s two colors, pink and yellow. I then grabbed my wafer scoop and prepared to catch my first fish.


Japanese Fish Gummis

It was a pink one. It tasted fruity, with a tart tropical base to it. The package says the flavor is apple but I don’t get that at all. With catching the first fish, half of my scoop went with it, and it has a nice, bland wafer flavor it it that’s a little sweet, a little vanilla-y. The yellow fish was my next target and I caught it with the last half of my scoop. Pineapple flavored, and soooo tasty. They captured the wonderful zesty sweet flavor perfectly. At this point I had a dilemma, since my scoop was no more since I consumed it, yet I had more fish floating around in my water (which, by now, had congealed and was very odd looking). I ended up picking them out with my fingers, which was kinda gross since they had gotten quite slimy. They still tasted great though. I then used the spoon to eat the water, which has a light cotton candy/bubblegum flavor (the package says soda flavored, based off Ramune no doubt) and further reminded me of festivals and carnivals that this is supposed to mimic. They did a good job.

Fun to play with, but not enough fun (or flavor) to eat again. Worth the purchase just to give it a try.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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