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Schogetten Jamacan Rum Box

Another interesting candy treat from Bavaria: Trumpf Schogetten Jamaca-Rum Truffle. I had no hopes or expectations for these, as I know little about them. The only thing I can glean from the box, other than the text, is they’re milk chocolate. I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol, but I’ve had some successful combinations with chocolate so I remain optimistic.

The box opens on one side to let a little try of chocolate squares to pull out. There’s four chocolate in a row and they’re beautiful to look at. They have nice rounded sloping sides and an eight pointed star carved into the top. This packaging reminds me of the Lindt Lindors truffles in bar form. So nice to just take one and save the rest for later.

The chocolates smell sweet and slightly of rum with that buttery toasty smell. In the first bite shell breaks easily to reveal that the center is a light yellow fondant. It’s a little dry and holds it’s form.

The flavor is lacking. The chocolate is sweet and doesn’t taste of much else. I taste no rum in the center fondant at all, again it just tastes sweet. I chew a piece and wonder if there were ingredients in this other than cream and sugar, because I really can’t taste anything else. Very strange. I feel odd complaining about the lack of alcoholic flavor, as I’m not a big fan of the stuff to begin with. I just feel like if you’re going to say it tastes like a certain something, the product should stand up to that claim. 

Not something I’d ever want to touch again specifically, but after looking at the website and seeing the many varieties that exist out there, I admit I’d give Trumpf chocolates a second try if I ever came across them.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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