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See's Hard Candy Boxs

A good friend and longtime See’s fanatic bought these for me as a gift. Isn’t that sweet of her? I’m always touched when my friends indulge my candy obsessions. In this case she knew I was working on trying more of See’s confections and thought that these would be a hit. She was right! Thank you Christy!

These little pops are mini versions of the larger lollipops. You can get them in all the same flavors, minus the seasonal ones, and even in a mixed box. Knowing all too well I am a sucker for butterscotch and vanilla varieties, I was presented with these two boxes. I’ve had the normal See’s lollipops before and loved them. The intense flavors with the sweet, cream base are just wonderful to eat. Plus the hard texture forces you to just suck on them (something I always hard a hard time doing, as I’m a chewer) and they last a good long time that way.

The size and shape of these little pops are like more oblong marbles. You can really see how they are sliced off of a giant tube of the candy (ohh, what a delicious thought!).

Butterscotch: A pretty, creamy caramel color. Smells sweet and buttery. The texture is hard and will stick to your teeth if you try and chew it. The flavor immediately gets your salivary glands going, and it’s sweet with strong brunt sugar, butter, and cream flavors. Wonderfully flavorful and satisfying.

Vanilla: A creamy beige color. This is much milder, sweeter and creamy with a intense vanilla flavor. It taste like a hard candy version of vanilla ice cream. It’s so delicious and terribly addicting.

I admit, despite their small size, they’re terribly satisfying to eat. They’re fun to share and they work very well in a candy dish. I think they have a nice niche like that. If only I had a need for a candy dish at work….

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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