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See's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips Bag

I was contacted a little big ago by See’s and asked if I was interested in reviewing their new See’s Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate Chips. These especially appealed to be since I’m a big baker in my free time, along with my candy reviewing, so this felt like a very good fit to me. I’m easily excited about samples to new products, and See’s chocolate is no exception.

The chocolate chips arrived safely into my hands, of which I was grateful as we’re having some hot days here in our Los Angeles fall weather. The package keeps to the classic design of See’s, with a white background and black lettering all decorated with a checkerboard boarders. The bad is sizable, a little larger than what most bags of chocolate chips are. I found out why when I opened the bag, as the chips are quite large, as you can see!


See's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

This answered a lot of questions I had about these chips, once I saw them. I know See’s uses Guittard chocolate as their couverature. If you’ve ever been to any supermarkets in California, (or maybe just in LA?) you’ll find Guittard brand chocolate chips in the baking aisle. I know this because that’s what I buy for my baking needs. So I’m was wondering if these See’s semi-sweet chocolate chips were going to be the same thing, just re-packaged. So no, these are quite different!

The chips are large, the bottoms about the size of nickels. They’re somewhat flat, which I think would help them melt easier in baked good. They smells rich of chocolate, with notes of caramel, cream and coffee.

The flavor is incredible rich, with really intense, smooth chocolate flavors. The chips are sweet, but not overly so. They have a really nice richness and are very buttery. it’s an excellent semi sweet chocolate.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, how do they taste in baked goods? I tested that out too, of course. I made a batch of my boyfriend’s favorite Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The chips melt, but still retain their shape. The chocolate is flavorful and goody fresh out of the oven. Just heavenly!

I certainly plan on adding these into my baking rotation. I plan on using these when my baked item needs a bit more of a chocolate hit.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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