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See's Strawberry Truffle

I know this is going to sound crazy, but Valentine’s Day Candy is getting harder and harder for me to find. I realize the stores have aisles overflowing with red and pink packages filled with sweet treats, but, to me a Reese’s in a red package is still a Reese’s to me. So it’s hard for me to find something that only appears for Valentine’s Day that I haven’t covered or tasted already. Things are becoming less unique for this holiday I feel. So imagine my delight when See’s contacted me about trying heir new Strawberry Truffles for Valentine’s Day. Finally, something new and appropriate!

The Strawberry Truffles come in a set of five in a long rectangular top. It’s covered with a clear plastic top which showcases the white, heart shaped truffles beautifully.

These truffles aren’t small, they feel heavy in my hand and they stand a little over a 1/2 inch tall. They smell sweet and buttery of the real white chocolate that enrobes the strawberry truffle interior.

My first bite is lovely. The truffle is dense, so you get an extremely decadent mouth feel from it right away. The truffle feels sturdy and rich. The flavor starts out with the extremely sweet and buttery flavor of real white chocolate, and I mean the really good quality stuff too. Then the sweetness blends into a fresh, fruity, very authentic sweet strawberry flavor. it reminds me a really fresh strawberry ice cream minus the cold temperature. Together the flavors match beautifully and like all the other See’s products, they make my taste buds go “wow”.

So if your sweetheart is a strawberry white chocolate fan, I highly recommend these. They’re thoughtfully and tastefully packaged, along with just the right portion of truffles since these buggers are rich.

Rating: Hoard



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