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Shrek Ogreheads Marshmallow Treats Bag

These are certainly an odd find. In a way, they look more like an item you’d see in the grilling/summer toy section of a drugstore than the candy aisle, but nevertheless, that’s where I found them. All I noticed when I bought them was that they’re Shrek themed and they were marshmallows. I figured I hadn’t tried anything really bizarre in awhile, so I picked them up despite my suspicions that they’d be both terrible and boring. Little did I know I’d be wrong.

The bag explains that the marshmallows are apple flavored, so I began to have my doubts there. Apple marshmallows? Seriously? When I took them out of the bag to photograph, I was pleased to see how well formed that are. They looks like Shrek heads, and are surprisingly well molded. They’re a light green and about the size of a silver dollar.


Shrek Ogreheads Marshmallow Treats

The marshmallows have no aroma, and feel very firm to the touch. Biting into one, I was surprised to find they’re not marshmallowy at all! They’re much harder and firmer, and have a grainy texture when it dissolves in your mouth. They’re not soft and fluffy at all! The texture is a tad chewy, but dissolve easily. I admit, I like it!

The flavor is much nicer than I was expecting. By the odd color I was expecting Jolly Rancher apple flavor, but instead it’s much more..authentic. It’s sweet and has nice apple/pear flavors with a slight floral edge to them.

Ok, it’s odd for me to admit but, hey, I really liked these! For something I was so sure about it being gross actually turned into something I enjoyed!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


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