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These Sidewinders were quite an impromptu find. I was at the Franklin Institute with some friends for the day, and we were killing some time in the gift shop. They had a bunch of “educational” candy stuff there, like rock candy and space food, none of which really appealed to me. Then I saw these by the checkout and decided to try them since they were pretty inexpensive. This was probably prompted by the fact I was marveling at the 3 foot long gummi snakes just beforehand, yet didn’t want to pay the price they were selling them for. I did get to go home with gummi/chewy snakes that day regardless.

I bought two of the Sidewinders, which are really big snakes. One is yellow and red, the other yellow, blue and purple. I really have no leads to go on in terms of texture and taste for these. Sometimes you gotta take that leap.

Yellow/Red: Smells like strawberry fruit leather. Very jammy and sweet. The gummi texture is kinda foamy and soft. The bite is very easily bitten through, there’s no give or substance to this gummi at all. The flavor took me by surprise, as the smell doesn’t match the flavor at all. The flavor is strong and juicy pineapple, with a tart juicy ege that comes across very authentic. It’s not too sweet, which is what many candy pineapple flavors are. Color me impressed, this is pretty good!

Yellow/Blue/Purple: This one smells…very floral with a tart edge to it. Something metallic and artificial. The flavor is…...soapy to start, I can get hints of pineapple from the yellow part, but the rest…blech, taste like soapy perfume. Gross.

So overall these were ok. One was really awesome and the other gross. I can’t bring myself to recommend them, but they were fun to try.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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