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Skittles fizzl'd Fruits

The newest variety of Skittles is here and I’m sure all of you fans of this candy have tried these by now. I found this bag at my local gas station and since Skittles aren’t a candy I crave, they’ve been sitting in my candy pile and waiting for me all these weeks.

The package is pretty, with the rainbow popping beautifully off the dark blue background. I love the re-design of the Skittles packaging, and this one is certainly eye-catching.

The Skittles are…hmmm, dusty looking. They have a coating of fizzy sugar on them which gives them a white, powdered appearance.

The fizz is odd, to say the least. The Skittle hits your tongue and you feel an intense tingling that feels like a burn in your mouth. You feel the bubbles intensify, and they get stronger and deliver a bit of a salty taste, before they immediately dissipate and the normal skittle remains. Very strange.

So let’s discuss the flavors:

Berry Punch (purple): The fizz effect made this one sour and I could taste the berry flavor right away. It’s very nice actually, it’s rich with sweet blackberries at first, then the flavor of tart cranberry peeps through. Sadly, it ends on a horrid medicinal cherry note that reminds me too much of real cough syrup. Not, red, not metallic cherry, but cough syrup. Yuck.

Melon Berry (green): The fizz tastes salty here, and it has to dissipate before I taste the Skittle. The flavor is nice. It’s sweet, and it tastes of watermelon punch. Not quite that standard fake watermelon flavors, there’s something more tropical and floral to it. I’m reminded of Japanese melons candies.

Raspberry (blue): The fizz is sour, and I get a sweetness from it. The flavor is surprisingly sweet and berry like. It’s a nice blueberry blackberry mix, like a Slushie.

Strawberry (pink): The fizz is very salty on this one. The strawberry flavor is standard Skittle we all know and love. It’s sweet, nice berry notes with a floral accent to it.

Wild Cherry (red):
The fizz felt hot and it burns. The flavor is really…deep and like black cherries. Yes, it has that medicinal note to it, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as the berry punch flavor.

I feel the top of my roof getting raw after eating just a few flavors. I didn’t finish my bag.

I didn’t enjoy a majority of this candy. The fizz was strange and painful at times, and the flavors didn’t wow me enough to push through the odd Alka-Seltzer texture. If you like sour candies, skittles, and fizz, you might really enjoy these. 

Rating:  Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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