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The Tea Room Chamomile & Honey White Chocolate

I first saw this bar at the 2009 Fancy Food Show that I attended in New York City. I just squealed with delight as I saw this bar, as it’s always been a huge dream of mine to find a bar that paired white chocolate and chamomile tea. I know it probably sounds like an odd and strange request for a chocolate bar. I’m a avid tea lover, and the delicate herbal flavors of chamomile just seemed like a perfect pairing for white chocolate in my mind.

I tasted only a little sample at the show, and the Tea Room fellows told me that the bar would be sold in a gift basket for Wegmans for the holiday season. I was both excited and disappointed by this news, as it meant that I could get my hands on this chocolate since there’s a nice Wegmans in my neck of the woods. I was sad since that meant I’d have to wait at least until Thanksgiving for this.

That is, until a hit a nice stroke of luck and found this bar in a Cost Plus World Market when I was on a vacation in California. I squealed so loudly when I saw this bar it made my boyfriend jump a good foot and wonder what the fuss was about.

The chocolate bar comes wrapped in a light foil which is protected by a standard long box, similar to the ones that Amano uses but not anywhere near as stylish. The bar itself is molded thin, and it snaps easily when I broke off my first piece. The color is a nice creamy yellow color, like good standard white chocolate should look like. There’s no sign that there’s tea in here. No bits of the tea in the chocolate, which pleases me.

What’s interesting about this bar is that there’s a full cup of tea in it. Maybe I should have one of these each night, right? Ha ha.

The texture is very buttery and melts easily on the tongue because of it’s thin molding.

The flavor is mild and sweet. You taste the gentle flavors of the herbal chamomile, slightly grassy and a hint of lemon. Those flavors are beautifully complimented but the richness of the cocoa butter. Overall it’s very refreshing, creamy and buttery. I get a slight burn in my throat from the sweetness, but that’s something I enjoy in white chocolate.

I really enjoyed this bar, and I’d buy it often if I was able to find it. Until then, I just have to hope other companies start making this combination so it’s not so hard for me to find this indulgence.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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