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Theobroma Chocolat Bars II

I love discovering chocolate I’ve never seen before, so I was very excited to notice these strangely shaped bars in an almost hidden box in the shelf of a grocery store I rarely visit. Sounds like a perfect setup for finding a mysterious chocolate, doesn’t it? It’s a company from Toronto called Theobroma Chocolat (In case you didn’t know the scientific name of chocolate is theobroma cacao, so you can see where they got their name from) and they produce a high-quality organic chocolate. There were four varieties at the store for my to choose from: plain 72% dark, 60% pineapple, 60% banana and 60% coconut. I stood for a good five minutes weighing my options, and finally decided on two: the 72% and the pineapple.

The bars are long and thin and remind me of sticks. Which is a funny thought to me, sticks of chocolate. The 35g bar is long, thin, tall, and trapezoidal in shape. It’s reminiscent of a Toblerone, but these are more squat and there’s no point at the top. Each bar is nicely separated into six sections. The snap is hard with a very clean break. I do see an air bubble or two, but it’s nothing terribly noteworthy.

72% Dark: The chocolate smells acidic with notes of green coffee, juniper berries, red berries, pepper and cedar. The flavor is immediately dry, and I taste coffee, cocoa, cedar and earth. Then sweeter notes of cream appear before the chocolate turns extremely dry again with very acidic and tannic notes akin to citrus, red berries, cherries and raspberries. This chocolate tastes very wild, untamed and earthy. You get a real sense of the terrain in it, and I like that. 

60% Pineapple: This bar smells the same as the 72%. Very tannic, tart, green coffee, cedar, and earth. On the bottom of the bar you can see the bumps from the pineapple chunks, and I see them in the break when I take my first bite. The pineapple are little freeze dried pieces and you taste them right away. They’re sweet, punchy, and full of fruity flavors like passion fruit, peach and apple with that twang of pine. The chocolate itself doesn’t taste different from the plain 72%. It’s dry, and tart with berry and coffee flavors. The texture is a little different as the freeze dried pieces add a subtle crunch amongst the smooth, thick chocolate.

I liked the flavor of this chocolate and I also really like the format. For some reason this elongated bar takes longer for me to eat, which means I’m eating it slower and enjoying it more. Which is important to me when I find good chocolate, as sometimes it’s all too tempting to just gobble it up all at once.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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