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Trolli Big Bold Bears Bag

The other sampled that I received from Trolli included two new candies of theirs. This is always exciting, as it’s fun to think you’re getting a taste of them before they head into stores to sell. I was aware that Trolli made gummi products, but I don’t see their gummi bears around very often. Usually it’s Haribo, Black Forest, or a store brand I see. So Trolli has released these Big Bold Bears, which is a re-vamp of their classic gummi bears. Pretty neat!

These bears are, the package describes them, “4x larger than their classic bears” and “Loaded with Flavor”. This interests me because the major problem I have with gummi bears is that they were never flavorful enough for me. Sadly, I didn’t have any of the regular Trolli gummi bears on me so I couldn’t make a direct comparison of the size. I didn’t feel like going out hunting for them.

These bears come in all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The back of the package lists the flavors: blue raspberry, wild cherry, grape, green apple, lemon-lime and orange.


Trolli Big Bold Bears

Let’s work our way down the colors:

Wild Cherry: Smells faintly of red. The gummi has a horribly medicinal taste to it, just like cough medicine. It’s very bitter and metallic, even though it finished with a juicy flavor.

Orange: Immediately tart and zesty. This is more like it. The orange flavor is bright and juicy and reminds me of tangerine flavors.

Lemon-Lime: This one is just lightly sweet. No real sourness or tartness. This is good for people who usually hate lemon flavors.

Green Apple
: The flavor is mild at first, then gradually grows into an apple flavor that reminds me of store bought apple pie mix. It’s sweet but has these strange “green” notes to it.

Blue Raspberry: Surprisingly tasty for a blue raspberry. Its taste like good blackberry jam. Color me surprised, I really liked this one.

Grape: This one is mild and flavorful. It taste more of muscat grapes with a juicy base with floral notes to it. Very taste, my second favorite after the blue raspberry.

I was pleased with these. The few I thought I’d like where actually the ones I liked least, and the ones I wasn’t looking forward to at all ended being extremely yummy. Just goes to show you need to try things in order to see if you like them.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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