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Vitamin Kitchen Berry Gummis Package

I don’t quite know what to call these. I mean really, who puts “Vitamin” in the name of a candy? Oh, you silly Japanese! Maybe they don’t quite understand the word to being with, and as a native English speaker, I don’t quite get the name “Vitamin Kitchen”. But it’s Engrish so anything goes I guess.

Opening the bag it immediately smells like berry yogurt. Sweet, tangy and berry with a whiff of plastic.

They’re little balls, about the size of hazelnuts. Perfectly round and some a flat-ish on some sides from the way they’re packaged. They’re hard to touch, as they don’t squish in my hand and they’re very smooth and shiny. Despite the image on the package, these are more dull looking and aren’t terribly attractive.

Vitamin Kitchen Berry Gummis

These are very, very chewy. The center has the texture of Starbursts, very thick and dense chew. The flavor is exactly of berries, mainly strawberry and blueberry. It has tart, tangy notes to it. So it’s a nice play of the sweet/sour notes in real berries. Color me impressed! The serving in this bag isn’t terribly big, so these disappeared quickly.

A good example of how an oddly named, and odd-looking candy can still taste awesome. Don’t judge a book by its cover. 

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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