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Vosges Amalfi Bar

My readers, we’ve made it! The last in my long stint of Vosges chocolate bar reviews! This bar I saved for last because it’s easily my favorite bar by Vosges. So allow me to present you the Amalfi bar which is made up of lemon zest, pink peppercorns and 36% cocoa butter white chocolate. When I first saw this bar I was a little nervous about the addition of the peppercorns. Lemon and white chocolate? Sure, that pairing seemed very natural to me, but the peppercorns struck me as odd. Still, I was extremely excited about finding a white chocolate bar so I bought it to take home and devour.

Opening the wrapper, the bar smells like a lemon cupcake: a fresh lemon scent with a creamy note. The chocolate is a lovely, light yellow color with flecks of pink from the peppercorns. It’s really pretty.

The flavor is immediately creamy and lemony, as it tastes just like a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. You don’t really taste the peppercorns much at all, and once in awhile I get one and it gives a light herbal note to the chocolate that’s a nice hint of flavor. It’s not peppery or overly spicy like one would expect from a peppercorn. These a much milder and have a floral flavor to them with only a hint of pepper. Amazingly all these flavors work extremely well together and make an unusual, but delicious bar.

I am smitten with this bar! The peppercorns are misleading but it’s terribly yummy. You must give this a try if you’re a white chocolate fan.

Rating: Hoard



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