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Vosges Habana Bar

How can you tell I’m still going crazy with the Vosges bars? It’s amazing how many new things a chocolatier can make when you ignore them for a few months. So many chocolate bars to catch up on! This Habana bar is made up of Ecuadorian Plantain Chips, enveloped in 45% deep milk chocolate. The packaging of this bar is much plainer than the other bars I’ve had recently. It opted for a deep purple color and yellow accents over the clinical macro photography of ingredients that the other bars had.

Upon opening this chocolate, this bar is thicker than other Vosges bars I’ve had before, as it looks like double the thickness to me. It’s a nice middle brown color, and it’s very creamy looking. The chocolate smells sweet and starchy. No hints of cocoa at all.

Taking the first bite, immediately the texture is very strange. The plantain chips have been crushed up and mixed into the chocolate so the texture is extremely gritty. The chocolate is very smooth so it’s kinda a shame that the chips were incorporated that way. The chocolate comes across as very sandy because of it.

The flavor? Well, it’s strange. It starts off sweet, then you get this sweet, perfumey flavor from the plantain chips. Then you taste the salt from the dried chips, and it just overwhelms the rest of the flavors until the finish. It’s very strange and unexpected.

Really not a fan of this one. The texture kills it for me.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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