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Vosges Organic Enchanted Mushroom

This is another new Vosges bar that I discovered along with the holiday flavors, yet, I feel this one runs in more traditional Vosges fashion. It’s a very unique and to some, strange, flavor combination. This bar uses Reishi mushrooms mixed into the chocolate for it’s flavor combination. I can’t help but chuckle at the name “Enchanted Mushroom” as it seems to indicate that it’s have…some sort of magical effects on you. Hee hee.

The bar smells like a deep rich chocolate. It’s a 66%, so it’s a darker bar that bittersweet, which most usually run around 60%. The smell is woodsy and sweet, with notes of moss, earth, and cream.

The flavor is lovely. It starts out as a wonderfully rich and mild chocolate with full notes of cream, sweet coffee and slight notes of caramel. There’s little dried bits of reishi mushrooms in there, but I feel them more as a texture and they don’t deliver much flavor at all. At the end there’s a burst of berry flavors that’s very red of cherry and raspberry, but for the most part this is a very sweet, rich, creamy chocolate flavor. As funny as it sounds, it tastes like brownie batter to me.

This bar wasn’t unique enough in flavor to justify buying it again, even though it is fun to say you’re eating mushrooms and chocolate. If I was given it as a gift however, I’d gladly enjoy it again.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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