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Watering KissMint Lychee Lemon

It’s literally been years since I’ve had a Japanese gum. I first and last had it back in 2004 when I was in Japan doing an architectural study for college. It was a big exploration to go into one of the many convenience stores to find fun candy to try.  I found this packet of Watering KissMint in a Famimia in Hollywood during one of my lunch breaks. It reminded me back of those fun days of traveling, so I picked up a few flavors and took them home to review.

The packaging is nice. A silver background with splashes of color that conveys the “watering” in the title so well. The case is slim, so it’d easily fit into a pocket or purse. Inside there’s gum sticks wrapped nicely in silver foil, eight pieces in total. The sticks are shorter than the ones we find in America. They are wide and thin like most of them, but they’re only 3/4 of the length. Still, they’re a nice size and look very attractive in the packaging.

The gum smells sweet and peachy with a hint of grape, which is the best way I can describe a lychee’s flavor and aroma. I don’t smell any lemon mixed in there, as the lychee is such a strong smell.

The flavor starts off very strong of lychee, with very sharp perfumey notes of peach and muscat grape. Then the flavor sours slightly and you get the tartness of lemon. The two flavors mix well together, a nice sweet/sour mix that is very refreshing and clean to chew. I notice that the flavor disappears pretty quickly, at least it doesn’t last nearly a long as American gum flavors. Still, I really enjoyed it.

This is a nice departure from more domestic flavor you find in gum here. I enjoyed the originality of the flavor and if it lasted longer (I like to chew my gum for a long time) I would be going back for this more regularly.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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