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Wilbur Crisped Rice Bar

Back when I visited the Wilbur Candy Company and got my Wilbur Buds to review for the site, I also made sure to grab something specific when I was there: The Milk Chocolate Crisp. I owe this mainly to Cybele with her post on this bar she did a few years ago. I’ve been wanting to try it ever since, and now I finally have my chance!

The bar is broken into squared segments that are easy to break. The underbelly shows ample rice crisps in the chocolate. The bar itself is think, about 3/4 inch, so it’s hefty with a wonderful chocolate ratio to crisps here. It’s not wimpy and thin like a Nestle’s crunch bar.

The chocolate smells delightfully sweet of notes of caramel, cream and malt.

The flavor is wonderfully rich and chocolatey. The chocolate has a great cream/caramel flavor to it, and is wonderfully complimented by the starchy, malty crunch of the rice crisps. They are very fresh and crunchy, and are just delightful to eat. I didn’t expect this bar to be as amazingly good as it is. Goes to show how something so simple can be extremely delicious if it’s executed correctly.

Wow, this bar is everything I imagined and more. It’s soooooo very good. Trying this bar is a must if you’re a chocolate lover.

Rating: Hoard



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