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Winter Cabernet Chocolate Bar

This bar came from one of my best friends who recently went on a trip to Napa Valley in California. This bar is made by Anette’s Chocolate Factory, and takes chocolate and wine and marries them in this bar. I’ve only recently begun to take my tasting skills into the realm of wine, so this bar was a nice way to dip my toe into the hot bathwater.

The bar is a nice size, and is well protected in this box with a heavy foil wrapper underneath. The chocolate was flawless, despite how far it had traveled to get to me. It had a nice gloss, and a rich red-brown color.

The chocolate has a good snap to it, and the bar is light segmented. It has a rich, ganache center where the Cabernet is mixed in with the chocolate. The texture is wonderful, as the mold is a good thickness and it meshes well, texture wise, with the smooth ganache center. It rolls beautifully over the tongue, and neither part feels greasy, just smooth and luxurious.

The flavor is out of this world. Normally, I am a bit wary of when alcohol is added to confections because it has such a powerful flavor to begin with, I worry that it’ll overpower the flavor. Thankfully this is not the case here. The chocolate is a nice dark, I’d say anywhere from the 65-75% range, and it is given this extra richness from the Cabernet. It’s hard for me to explain really, as the Cabernet isn’t easily distinguished from the dark chocolate, but you can get that richness from it if you really focus on the flavor notes. The overall effect is extremely rich and chocolately. I’m quite smitten with this.

All I can say is that I want to get my hands on more of this bar. It was awesome. I definitely recommend it, even to those of you who aren’t fans of wine, as it enhances the chocolate experience. Love it.

Rating: Hoard



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