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Wonka Fruit Marvels Boxes

Another new offering from Wonka, and a very fun one at that. These are the last of the free samples I was sent, but I assure you, they’re not the least! I feel this new line of Wonka candies really get into the spirit of the character Willy Wonka and the crazy candy genius he is. So what is a Marvel? It’s the same sort of explanation you get when you try to explain what Nerds and SweetTarts and Gobstoppers are: they’re a candy all their own.

Marvels are hard candy with a gummi center. The colors are bright and you see an uneven light sugar dusting on them. They’re very pretty. The coating is hard, but not hard enough from crunching down on it if you wanted to. So you can either suck on these slowly and work your way though to the soft center, or you can crunch down on them and get a nice texture contrast on the hard/soft bits. Either way it’s super fun!


Wonka Fruit Marvels Tins


Wonka Fruit Marvels

White Grape: A lovely light green/yellow color. starts out lightly sweet then the flavor of muscat grapes come forward. it has notes of peach, grapes accented wit that nice floral flavor. it’s extremely authentic and it’s so delicious. I love it.

Orange: These are a bight intense orange color. the flavor is very tart, and it reminds me of a SweetTart in that way. i don’t get much in terms of flavor other than the tang, but there’s light orange notes in there, but they’re not juicy like I’m used to.

Pomegranate: They’re very striking and dark pink in color. the flavor is sweet, fruity and slightly tart. it’s hard to lay my finger on exactly what pomegranate flavor is, but this is very berry like, with notes of blackberries and strawberries and it’s really yummy.

These were both yummy and unique. You won’t find another candy like it. If you’re into trying something new, I really recommend giving these a try.


Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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