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Yorkie Bar Wrapper

“NOT FOR GIRLS!” cries the wrapped of this infamous candy bar. It’s made by Nestle and sold only in the UK, as we folks in the US obviously don’t know how to take a joke, especially when it’s written on a candy bar. I’d seen this bar around for a long time, but had never actually eaten it. I liked to point it out to friends, we’d all have a good chuckle over it and we’d move on. For me, Yorkie bar was not something to eat, but more of a humorous thing to stumble across in the store from time to time.

Considering how my boyfriend brought this one back to me to review, well, I had to finally sit down and give it a taste. I should have stood my ground and told time he’d have to try it for me, since you know, I am a girl after all.

The bar is really unremarkable in many ways. Taking it out of it’s wrapper it’s really just a big, thick bar that’s segmented into 5 pieces. It’s a good bite for each piece, and I can’t understand how that’d be considered “manly”.

The chocolate is a nice medium brown, creamy color. It has a subtle sheen and smells sweet.

The chocolate is hard to eat because it’s so thick. It’s very sweet with lots of caramel, creamy, milky flavors to it. The overall effect is a very rich milk chocolate. It does deliver a nice chocolatey flavor that’s faithful to that standard dry milk UK chocolate flavor. It’s just a fatter, thicker Cadbury Dairymilk in a way. Nothing noteworthy at all and I guess it boils down to how big you like the size of your chocolate bar.

Remember girls, bigger is not always better.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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