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Peeps Strawberry Creme

Aren’t these so cute? Just perfect for Valentines Day! Not only are the shapes cute and simple, but they’re nicely colored with an appealing flavor for the season. I am pretty sure these are a new release this year, as I don’t remember seeing them last Valentines Day. Does anyone else recall?

The hearts come in a nicely protected pack of 9, each set of 3 in a tray. The package is very fitting for the holiday too. Pink with little “XOXO” patterns all over it. You can smell the Peep hearts immediately once you open them. The aroma is strawberry with it’s bright berry flavor and “red” essence. There’s a tart edge to these too and I can’t help but compare it to how the red SweetTarts smell.

The inside of these Peeps are pink too! How precious is that! I tried my first row fresh, so the texture was beautifully pillowy soft. The flavor is awesome, as it’s in the sugar coating as well as in the marshmallow. It’s a great strawberry taste for sure. It’s a light flavor, nothing overpowering here, but then again, when were Peeps ever overpowering? There’s a light sweetness and a good berry/perfume flavor that really give it that nice strawberry essence. In a way I’m reminded of that pink goopy medicine I was given as a kid when I had strep throat, but that’s a good thing here. I loved eating that stuff.

I bet these, along with all other flavored marshmallows, will be fun to experiment with. In hot cocoa? In Valentines Day s’mores? Fondue? Such possibilities!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Marshmallow Peeps Website


Barrett Black Jack Wrapper

When I first laid eyes on this, I could hardly contain myself. Black Jack is an aniseed flavored chew bar, and until that moment I didn’t know such a thing existed. I was so excited! I love anise and the thought of it in a taffy just made my little heart skip a beat.

Unwrapping the taffy I was interested to find that it looks like a black/charcoal grey Airhead. It’s also about the same thickness, but the shape is a bit thinner and longer.

The texture is immediately extremely hard and sticky. I refrained from chewing to keep my teeth from being cemented together. Best method for consumption is to suck on it, or cut it.

The difficulty of eating this didn’t keep me from falling in love with it though. The flavor is where this candy sings. The taste is strongly of anise, with it’s licorice, spicy, woodsy, herbal flavors. It’s also, to my surprise, fruity as well. It has note of apple and pear in it. Delicious!

Another downside to this taffy I found out after eating it. It turned my tongue and mouth black. I felt like a giraffe. This was an unexpected side effect, to say the least. I didn’t realize it has happened until my boyfriend started laughing at me when I smiled at him.

Despite Black Jack’s oddities, I really, really liked it.  I wish things like this were sold in the US, but a girl can keep dreaming, right?

Rating: Hoard





Nestle Walnut Whip

I’ve heard tales of the infamous Walnut Whip. Many love it and consider it a very overlooked confection, others say it’s really nothing noteworthy. So when I was presented with a pair of Whips, I was excited to try them and see where I stood in the great Walnut Whip controversy. Would it be as good as some claim? Or as blah are many insist?

This Walnut Whip is the vanilla flavor (there’s others?) and comes in this cute, bright blue, upright standing package. The wrapper describes it as “Milk chocolate whirl with a vanilla fondant cream center”. Sounds tasty!

As soon as I open it up it smells of the iconic, sweet, Nestle milk chocolate. I was slightly disappointed to find that my walnut has loosened itself and had fallen to the bottom of the package.

Taking the candy out and placing the walnut on top where it should be. I admit, it’s a pretty funny looking candy. It reminds me of a beehive, a tall swirled mound. I first ate the walnut, alone. It’s buttery and fresh with that slight astringent taste from the skins. Then my first nibble of chocolate: it tasted sweet, buttery and of maple syrup. It’s nice and smooth with good flavors of cocoa and milk. It’s a sweet milk flavor and has no tang to it as British chocolate often does.

The vanilla fondant center is really fluffy, I was surprised by. I was expecting more of a thick, ganache center as fondants usually reads as heavy and thick in my mind. Instead, it’s light and fluffy like a nougat or marshmallow. The fondant is very sweet with the light vanilla flavor that is supplemented with notes of butter and hints of strawberries. It’s a little tangy and it’s very tasty.

I found the most enjoyable way to eat this was pick the walnut off the top and then bite into the chocolate at the peak. From there I lick out the fondant center and then eat the empty shell. Yes, I am aware that I’m weird.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


Red & Blacks Gummis

These Red & Blacks were a complete surprise as I’d never seen nor heard of these before. From what I understand, Marks and Spencer is a big grocery store in the UK, and the highest quality grocer, and they make their own line of products. So they have lots of candy offerings, and this is a bag of fruit candy that I hear is quite popular. I’m tickled to know that I was clueless to them before, as I love finding new things. Especially tasty ones.

One thing to mention is that these have no artificial flavorings and colorings.

The candy itself is very fragrant and smells very fruity of black currants, raspberries, blackberries and grapes. They have gelatin in the them according to the ingredients list, so they’re technically gummis. The Red & Blacks come in two colors: a dark purple and a nice raspberry red. The shapes are of raspberries that are oval with many organized raised bumps and a black currant which is round, thick and a small hatch marks to indicate the top of the berry.

The texture is awesome as it’s thick and almost more like a fruit snack fruit chew than it is a gummi. They’re much thicker, starchier and firmer. It still carries a good chew and doesn’t dissolve very quickly in the mouth. The flavor is very fruity with a light perfumed hit. The raspberry flavor is strongly fresh and juicy and it does taste mainly of raspberries with a strong sweetness and a touch of floral flavor. It’s very juicy, intense and realistic.

The black currant has a thicker texture, the chew is denser and much firmer. The flavor is incredible! It’s immediately juicy and fruity with strong grape and blackberry flavors supplement with that light hit of rose. It has a subtle twang of pine that real black currants have and the overall effect is very woodsy.

The Red & Blacks are so fun to eat and the flavor is so tempting that you want to suck on these, but you are just compelled to chew them. A hit in my book.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Sucre: Box

I first heard of Sucre back when I was still writing for CandyAddict. I was given a sampler of their bonbons to review for the site. Needless to say, I was impressed with their work. Now, fast forward to just a few days ago when I came home from work to find a box of Sucre’s newest offerings waiting for me on my doorstep. Valentine’s Day came early for me this year.

The exquisitely designed turquoise box holds a sampler of their new “For the Love of Chocolate” Valentines Day collection. A set of three different heart bonbons, each easily distinguishable from one another in milk, dark and white chocolate. They’re beautiful to look at; colorful and iridescent. They smell of chocolate, and I was able to find the flavors by looking online: Chic Raspberry, Grand Coeur and Rose.


Sucre: Truffle Hearts

Red Raspberry (dark chocolate heart filled with raspberry ganache) : A beautiful, deep, sparky maroon color. Gorgeous to look at! It smells deep of dark chocolate with notes of red fruits and coffee. There’s no raspberry scent at all. The first bite is so smooth and rich, with only the top shell, which is very thin, having a bit of a crunch to it. The flavor is luxurious with a subtle, authentic raspberry flavor that’s very jammy. The chocolate is beautifully mild and sweet, complimenting the raspberry favor so well. It’s a delicate, graceful bonbon. The texture is silky, smooth, and it’s lovely.

Heart of Rose (white chocolate heart filled with rose water and island vanilla scented white chocolate ganache) : Smells sweet and of plants; part of it reminds me of vanilla and other like leaves. It’s not perfumey like rose, but I do get “vegetation” in there. The first bite tastes very cheesy, like a sweet brie. I don’t get much in terms of vanilla or rose, but the smooth cheesy flavor is nice. It’s interesting how my taste buds read this combination of flavors. I want to eat this with a baguette.

Grand Coeur (milk chocolate ganache infused with orange and triple sec coated in a dark chocolate) : This one has a beautiful copper/bronze color to it. It smells earthy and rich, with a subtle citrus zest to it which immediately gives it awesome points in my book. The flavor is heavenly. This is the purest, most beautiful pairing of chocolate and orange I’ve had to date. The orange is fresh and zesty, and the triple sec adds that authentic citrus bite and bitterness on the tongue. The chocolate is sweet, creamy and compliments the more tart and bitter qualities of the flavorings. Again the texture is silky smooth and the overall effect is just out of this world. I can’t gush enough about how lovely this is.

These hearts are so wonderful I can’t decide how to eat them: savor their rich flavors slowly or shove hand fulls into my mouth. I feel the instinct to do both as they’re just that delicious. But, in the spirit of the season, I’ve saved 3/4 of the box to share with my sweetheart.

Rating: Hoard



Links Sucre’s Website

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