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Terrys Chocolate Orange: Snowball

After yesterday’s explanation about the Terry Chocolate Orange, you’re probably wondering why t is I’m eating another one. It’s simple: I was given this one along with the Cracking Hazelnut. I had to try both! Especially since I’m a sucker for white chocolate. The idea of getting that orange flavor blended with the white chocolate made me swoon on the inside, so I was particularly excited about giving this one a go.

I can’t help but wonder if this one is a very limited, limited edition. The fact that they call it a “Snowball” sets off alarms in my head.

So we’re all familiar with the process: remove from box, WHACK, unwrap and eat.

This Terry’s Orange is beautiful to look at. Unlike the milk and dark chocolate varieties, the mold of the orange looks so much better in the white. The ivory slices just reach a new aesthetic level to me. They smell sweet and slightly of orange. I’m happy to report that neither are overpowering.

The flavor is creamy, sweet, and milky like a good standard white chocolate. The orange flavor is at the forefront with very juicy, citrus and zesty notes. The two flavors blend well with the sweet white chocolate allowing the orange flavor to really shine.  In some of the other Terry Oranges the orange flavor comes across as a tad artificial, but it doesn’t do that here.

I wish I could get this one again easily. It’s the perfect version of a Terry’s Orange for me. Sadly, it’s all eaten up, and I’m sure it’s no longer sold. Best to not look back. *sob*

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Terrys Chocolate Orange: Cracking Hazelnut

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange has always been a staple in my household, especially around the holidays. It’s unheard of not to have one stuffed in their Christmas stocking, or you risk running a family riot. That being said, I never paid too much attention to them. I don’t know if it’s because of the hullabaloo that my sisters make about them, or how they taste to me, but I was always very passive about them. Sure, they were fun to whack and unwrap, and pretend you lived in Willy Wonka’s factory where all fruits were made of chocolate. But, the fact remains that I found them unremarkable. I feel alone in this, since my family doesn’t understand and I get phone calls from friends asking their candy expert friends on where to find them in stores.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m reviewing one after such a lament. Well, this isn’t your standard Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Oh no, this is a special limited edition one from the UK. Knowing my insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest in the candy world, how could I resist? Obviously I couldn’t. Besides, maybe this new twist is all I need to turn my apathy into passion for the Terry Chocolate Orange.

Only one way to find out.

I eagerly removed the Orange from it’s box….


I scurried to get the foil wrapper peeled away as fast as I could so I could inhale this new, exotic chocolate fruit. Hmmm, it smells like Nutella!

It has a slight, Nutella-like flavor. The chocolate is milky, sweet and very creamy in texture. The hazelnuts are a little chunks in the chocolate and they give an interesting texture and a strong nutty flavor. The orange is milder here than the other Terry Oranges, as it’s cut down by the hazelnut flavor. I’m pleased to report that it’s really much more complex to taste! The texture is a nice contrast of the smooth chocolate and the crisp, crunchy texture of the small hazelnut bits. 

I’m pleased with this. It’s not enough to make me go out and stockpile, but at least now I get a glimpse of why this chocolate is loved so much by many. I’d eat this again if it was put in my Christmas stocking.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Cadbury Double Decker Wrapper

At long last! The Cadbury Double Decker bar! I’ve been wanting to try one of these ever since I read a review of them over at Chocablog. My excitement heightened when I had the bar in hand and read the description on the side: “milk chocolate with smooth, chewy nougatine and crisp crunchy cereal filling”. CANDY SWOON! I couldn’t tear it open fast enough.

Firstly, this bar is nothing to sniff at. It certainly lives up to its name, as it’s hefty and tall at 60g.

Unlike the Triple Decker I had from Australia, the Double Decker is not a “solid"bar. Instead it’s enrobed, hiding all sort of deliciousness underneath.

So what is under all that chocolate? The bottom half is like a Nestle Crunch bar and the top is fluffy and soft like the inside of a 3 Musketeers. smells sweet, milky of dried milk powder. The flavor is sweet, with a nice chocolaty taste from the coating, a sweet caramel flavor from the nougatine, and the malty carby flavor of the cereal. I also get some light coffee notes in here too.

Aside from the amazing flavor, the Double Decker is really all about the texture. It has a play of soft and crunchy, smooth and grainy…. a true master of contrast. It’s quite the mouthful too. It’s got a very substantial, hefty chew. It’s very satisfying and filling because of this.

Love, love this bar. It’s everything I was expecting it to be and more. Only downside is because of it’s heft, I have to limit myself with these. Or else become a Double Decker myself!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Cadbury Bourneville Deeply Dark Wrapper

Cadbury, like Hershey’s and Mars here in the US, jumped onto the dark chocolate bandwagon and have been producing their own line of special bars. I don’t recall how long the Bourneville line has been around, but I do remember seeing reviews of them around the blogosphere when they first hit shelves. I am immediately skeptical of these mainstream dark chocolates, as I do not feel like they are a true representation of what dark chocolate is. Usually milk is added, as is too much sugar, since these dark chocolates are meant to appeal to the mainstream tastes of the public.

The chocolate is very dark in color with smooth undertones and a subtle, blue sheen to it.

The break is very hard, clean and showing only a couple of air bubbles. The label says it’s 60% cocoa solids, although it’s not a true dark as there’s milk fat in there (to replace some of the cocoa butter I’m assuming, since de-fatted cocoa is also listed). The chocolate smells very rich with notes of red berries, raisins, coffee, and caramel.

My first bite was accompanied with a great, full “clock” sound showing a nice temper to the bar. It’s immediately rich and slippery on the tongue and I love that texture! The flavor is beautifully mild with lots of cream, caramel, subtle coffee and cocoa flavors. At the very end I get a bit of red fruits, but it’s really just a hint and no way is it acidic or tart because of it. Color me impressed Cadbury.

A very “mainstream” dark chocolate, and a delicious one at that. I’d by this over Dove or Hershey’s Special Dark any day. Can I please get this in the US?

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Baccus Box

This is another find courtesy of my sister’s study abroad in Japan. I begged her to bring me back some sweets, and at Christmas I was rewarded for my patience. This box of chocolates was amongst them. I didn’t understand why, really. Neither of us are fans of alcohol, so why bring home alcoholic chocolate? I later found out because it’s shares it’s name with a Type O Negative song, which is one of her favorite bands. If only my candy selections were dictated by such unusual means.

The packaging design is so garish, I wonder how anyone would want to buy it. I can’t help but feel my eyes start to bleed when I look at it and I can’t decide which part is worse: the bright green background or the traffic cone orange lettering.

The box opens and displays a tray of individual little rectangles of chocolate. They pieces smell only of the milk chocolate coating. My first bite revealed the liquid center of the cognac. It doesn’t have much of a flavor, as it’s masked by the intensely sweet milk chocolate. It does give your mouth a nice, warm burn. It’s a pretty simply candy in this regard. And I don’t feel like I can properly critique the cognac as I’m really not into alcohols.

So there you have it. Strange acquisition, ugly box, and unimpressive flavor.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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