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Sweets Torte Box

Isn’t this just a cute Engrish name for a candy? Well, I looks like a candy to me, or close enough anyways. My sister nabbed this for me while she was in Japan for a semester of school, probably amused by the name. I certainly can’t blame her! I can easily imagine a gothic lolita daintily walking into a Harajuku 7-11 to pick up a box of these for her and her friends to enjoy while posing for tourist photos.

The box has a very regal, Victorian feel to it. It’s hard to lay my finger on exactly. I like how the imagery does evoke a sense of “dessert” for this candy, as opposed to a snack like many others do. These little round chocolate bonbons, decorated with a fluer de lis on top, has a red jam interior and shortbread base. The image on the box is very tantalizing.

True to Japanese fashion, each piece is individually wrapped on the inside. Opening my first piece, it immediately smells intensely of red berry jam. Hard to say which berry as it just smells sweet, tart and red.

The bite is nice; soft in the center and the chocolate shell has a nice crunch to it. The main flavor is the jam which tastes more raspberry than strawberry to me. Which is odd, since the box depicts strawberries. It’s quite tart and compliments the deep, rich flavors of the dark chocolate well. As for the small “shortcake” part, I only catch a bit of it in the texture. It feels spongy and that’s about it.

Despite the air of Japanese sophistication and tempting dessert imagery, these fall flat for me. I think I ate about two before I did what I could to give them away. Maybe my palate isn’t refined enough to enjoy them properly.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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