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Canada Mints Package

I’ve never noticed these bright pink candies on shelves in many of my grocery stores until recently. I think part of the reason I’ve never given them a second look is the very antique packaging (which, oddly, usually catches my eye right away) and the other is the fact that I saw Necco’s name on them. I just assumed they were a big bag of plain Sweethearts. It wasn’t until I read on that these sugar lozenge candies were in fact wintergreen flavored and were pretty tasty. I immediately turned my thinking around and secured myself a bag the next chance I got. Isn’t it great how we candy bloggers can learn from one another?

I’m not quite sure how Canada fits into the concept of bright green candy tablets, but I suspect it has something to do with the “coolness” of the wintergreen flavor. There’s another variety I’ve seen around, it’s peppermint and the package has a nice blue color scheme to it. I won’t try that though, at least not right away, as peppermint and I have some issues that we need to work out first.


Canada Mints I

The candy pieces are bright pepto-bismal pink and are about the circumference a nickel and 1/4 inch thick. “Canada” is pressed into once side of them. They smell intensely of sweet wintergreen.

In my mouth they feel quite hard. I couldn’t chomp down on them right away. Reminds me of the texture of Sweetheart conversation hearts: dry, and slightly chalky. I found I could break them a little with my molars, but the best way to eat them is just to suck on them. The flavor is fresh wintergreen with nice minty and herbal flavors that are reminiscent of sassafras and root beer. The flavor is mild, not too minty and not too bland. A perfect in between. Once the tablet is soft enough to break, it gives a nice brief chew as the pieces dissolve and the wintergreen flavor intensifies a little. Tasty.  I found I kept reaching for more of these, they’re very addictive.

I can’t help but smile to myself whenever I see these in the stores now. I like knowing that I gave them a try and found them enjoyable. I bet I’ll be reaching for a bag next time my wintergreen craving hits.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Necco Website


Caffarel Conetto

Caffarel is one of those companies that I get all giddy when I find their products. Something about them already reads as upscale, luxurious, unique and extremely delicious. The fact they’re an Italian company adds to the appeal too because not only is it foreign, but also difficult to find. I always feel like I’ve stumbled across the holy grail when I see them in stores.

I felt exactly that when I walked into one of my favorite food boutiques in the area and saw the Caffarel Conetto on the counter. Oh wow! I’ve heard of these but haven’t actually seen them. They’re best described as a little wafer cone with hazelnut creme inside and topped with toasted rice bits. I bought a couple and couldn’t wait to photograph and then eat them!

They’re adorable to look at. They look like mini versions of the ice cream Drumsticks. The waffle cone is wonderfully textured, the rice crisps nicely caramel in color, and the whole things smells rich of chocolate, hazelnuts and cream. 

The hazelnut creme is very smooth and silky. The flavor leans more toward the hazelnut flavor with the chocolate more of an afterthought. Aside from the hazelnut and cocoa notes, there’s a lot of roasted and milky flavors mixed in there. Think of it as a milder, sweeter, nuttier Nutella. The rice bits provide a nice crunch (some were more chewy) and a very toasty, carby flavor. The cone is insanely crispy and fresh with a nice toasty brown sugary taste. Just like the ones in an ice cream shop! It provides a wonderful base for the hazelnut creme and the flavors in this work so well together.

Even though the Conetto is terribly tasty, I’d probably wouldn’t buy them again cause they’re expensive and on the small side. They’re great to give (or get!) as a gift and I certainly wouldn’t turn one down if handed to me.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Caffarel Website


See's Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar Package

Another popular item in See’s line of Awesome candy bars is the Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar. I know See’s really pride themselves on their peanut brittle, among many of their other items like the Scotchmallow and the Bordeaux, so I was interested to see how it tasted when covered in chocolate. Better, of course! Wouldn’t everything taste better coated in chocolate? I digress…

Firstly, I like the size and price of these. They weigh in at about an ounce and cost as much as a Snickers bar or a packet of M&Ms. The premise of the bar is simple, you get a small bit of the brittle covered in chocolate to enjoy by yourself. Granted, it’s so good I’d understand if you’d want to buy their large box of the brittle, but large boxes mean sharing or immediate death in my book, so I like my modest portions to be handed to me ready to consume.

It took some work, but I was able to break it in half with a hard snap. You know, for the photo! You can already see the huge peanuts that are in the brittle. It smells sweet, nutty and a touch salty.

See's Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar

The texture is extremely crunchy, and it’s, well…..awesome. The brittle is perfect in that regard. Not too soft, and it’s not too hard either, so it’s safe for your teeth! I appreciate that.

The flavor is a great mix: immediately buttery and sweet. A burst of salt then smacks you which is then alleviated buy the peanuts and eased out with the sweet milk chocolate. So good.

This won’t take first place as my favorite bar in the Awesome line, which is reserved for the Nut & Chew bar, but it’s still a strong contender. Anyone who’s crazy for brittle needs to be sent a case for their next birthday.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Hello Kitty Lollipop I

Now is this a cool novely candy idea or what? I normally don’t fall for candy gimmicks, as I’m a purist. I want candy to eat and that’s about it. However when I saw this Hello Kitty Glow Lollipop, I couldn’t help but notice how interesting of an idea it was. Unlike other novelty candies I’ve seen, the toy leftover is, well, useful. And it’s Hello Kitty. 

The lollipop comes in a carton pink tube about the size of lipstick, with the Hello Kitty decal on top which glows when you press a button on the handle. The Hello Kitty head makes for a very comfortable grasping point when you hold the lollipop. The design is nice as it indicates you can suck on it a little and put it back in the case and continue eating it later if you felt like it. I’m not sure what purpose the light is supposed to serve, other than amuse or annoy someones. It’s sadly not very bright on Hello Kitty’s face. 


Hello Kitty Lollipop II

The flavor says strawberry to me right away. The tube format really reminds me of a push pop, except a little bigger and without the freaky neon colors. The strawberry flavor is unique, I haven’t taste one like this before. It’s very berry-like, sweet, and has nice floral notes. What’s different is I taste a little melon and grapefruit in there, yet it doesn’t stand out on it’s own, but contributes and mixes with the floral notes and it comes out as strawberry. Interesting.

Very unique, tasty, and unexpectedly complex for a lollipop. Plus I get to keep the light up container. It might serve as a good light for my purse in a pinch.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again



See's Scotchmallow

The See’s Scotchmallow is infamous in the candy world. For the longest time I didn’t understand why, mainly because I hadn’t ever had one. I did wonder how something so simple and unassuming could be so mind-blowing. It wasn’t until this past summer that I finally had a chance to have my taste bugs exploded into space by one. I went up to the bonbon counter in the See’s store and bought a few to take home with me. I wish I had the foresight to get more.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, a Scotchmallow is a bonbon (it also comes in bar form, but I’ve never seen it) that has a honey marshmallow on top of a round of thick, creamy caramel. The whole thing is then enrobed in semi-sweet Guittard chocolate. Are you drooling yet?

The Scotchmallow I got is round and almost an inch tall and about 1 1/2 inches across. So it’s not tiny by any means. It’s also lighter than it looks, which I can credit to the fresh fluffy marshmallow inside.

Let’s just say this is a bite of heaven. The chew is substantial, since the caramel is so soft and thick, so this little bonbon packs quite a punch. The dark chocolate is flavorful and holds its own against the marshmallow and caramel, and does a nice, neat job of holding it all together. The caramel is awesome: thick, chewy, and soft with strong burnt sugar notes and a subtle saltiness. The marshmallow is fresh and spongy, with a subtle sweetness. Ambrosia.

There also seems to be many ways in which you can eat a Scotchmallow. You can pop the whole thing in your mouth in one go, nibble off the chocolate bit by bit,  eat a hole and suck the marshmallow out first, etc. etc. I was recommended by a friend to work it so that the marshmallow is the last part you eat, so you can really taste the honey. It’s impressive that was and you so can taste the wonderful, subtle flavors in the fresh marshmallow.

You have no lived until you’ve tried one of these. If you haven’t, I suggest rectifying that right away, you won’t regret it.

Rating: Hoard



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