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Kitkat Sweet Potato Box

Continuing on with my reviews of all the Japanese Kit Kats I’ve acquired in the past couple of months. I’ve been following (and tasting!) the Japanese Kit Kats for a few years now (since 2006) and I have to say I’m impressed with the new and fun flavors they keep coming out with. When I began it felt like I was limited to green tea, red bean, strawberry and maybe soybean thrown in there. Now the flavors reach all over and I really can’t say what to expect next. I like that.

Sweet Potato:

I was immediately interested in this Kit Kat when I first laid eyes on it online. I think the only other Kit Kat that got me so excited were the Pumpkin ones that came out for the past two Halloween seasons. I love sweet potatoes, so I was horribly curious as to how they’re lend themselves to this candy.

First, the sweet potatoes shown on the box is a type of dish called daigakuimo where Japanese potato/yam chunks are fried, then covered in a sugar glaze and black sesame seeds. If you ever get the chance to try this, and you’ll often see it in bento boxes in Asian markets, I do recommend it.

Ok, back to Kit Kat. The fingers have a wonderful light orange creamy color. They smell sweet and very strong of vanilla and cream. I’m reminded of thick homemade custard or pudding. The flavor mimics the aroma perfectly, as it’s very creamy, sweet and heavy on vanilla and caramel flavors. I’m sad to report I get no official sweet potato flavor here. I could get really disappointed by this and let it drag my whole experience with this Kit Kat. Yet, I find myself enjoying it for that really rich custard taste, so much so that I don’t care if it’s supposed to be sweet potato. It’s tasty just as it is. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the packaging that lied to me, not the flavor elements of this one.


Kitkat White and Yellow Peach Bag

White and Yellow Peach:

This bag of minis are white chocolate based peach flavored Kit Kats. The packets inside are colored either pink or yellow, yet I haven’t been able to taste a difference between the two.They certainly look different from one another though. The pink one is a creamy white, and the yellow a light orange color. For some reason slices of cheddar and American cheese come to mind. They both smell very juicy and peachy. I take a bite of one then the other, and I repeat the process a few times to just say they taste basically the same. The flavor is sweet, lightly of peach which is very juicy and floral with a perfumey smell. The flavoring isn’t too strong, and just enough ti cut the sweetness of the white chocolate. 


Kitkat Passion Fruit Bars '09

Passion Fruit Kit Kat

This is an interesting little Kit Kat, as it was included as a bonus in a box of Nestle flavored coffee drinks. I’m guessing they’re some sort of Valentines Day release, as the packages are covered in hearts. This have a dark chocolate outside with a passion fruit creme between the wafers. The bitter dark chocolate compliments the intensely fruity, juicy tartness of the passion fruit. It’s nice with notes of pineapple, apple, cherry, plums, peaches. The bar is beautifully bright and fragrant and really, really tasty. I’m reminded on one of the old regional Tokyo Kit Kats that came out a few years ago that was also stellar.


Kitkat Yuzu Bag 09


The bar is has a milk chocolate base, nice and looks like a normal Kit Kat. It’s the smell that tells you there’s something different about this one. It’s a very bright smell of citrus with a strong tart note, and a kiss of hazelnut. It tastes like a normal milk chocolate Kit Kat, and despite the added flavors, and the chocolate remains the main flavor in this. It’s supplemented by very nice tart citrus note, it’s neither orange nor lemon. I also get a hint of hazelnut there too, which I find confusing as there’s no hazelnut in this Kit Kat. Very interesting. I really like it and overall I’m reminded of the flavors of Manner Biscuits that my Mom is crazy for.

Two thumbs up Japan! Keep ‘em coming!

Rating: Sweet Potato:



Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Kit Kat Japan Website


Extra Fruit Sensations Gum: Mango Smoothie and Blueberry Smoothie

Last year Extra came out with a new line of “Fruit Sensations” gum, which toted smoother, more intensely fruity, and longer lasting flavor. I reviewed a few of the kinds here on TCE, and I was pleasantly surprised with them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to gum, so it has to be really good for me to enjoy it.

Recently Extra came out with a pair of new Smoothie flavors to the Fruit Sensations line: Mango and Berry. Considering I liked the originals so much, I wanted to give them a try since I felt a needed some fresh new flavors to my infrequent gum-chewing lineup.

Mango Smoothie: In a bright orange box, with images of mangoes and a strawberries. The inside flap of the package have sayings on them, and this one says the flavor lasts longer than it “takes to think of 30 new ways to use a straw”. Part of me wants to test them on that, but I guess it depends on how smart you are?

The gum itself is light orange in color. The chew is immediately thick, chewy and smooth. The flavor is…oddly creamy. There’s a nice milkyness to it. The taste is sweet and extremely fruity: lots of peachy and mango yet it lacks the tang I associate with mangoes. I do get a hint of berries in there, hard to say if it’s strawberry like the package image suggests, but it’s very tasty and I enjoyed chewing it for as long as I could. Which was until my jaw started to hurt. The gum also has a light, perfumey aftertaste to it.

Berry Smoothie: A pretty purple package with blueberries and blackberries on it. The gum smells strongly like tart raspberries and is light mauve in color. It immediately tastes like berries. I get the sweetness of blackberries, the deep sweetness of blueberries and the fruity flavors of raspberries. It’s lovely. It’s also got that unexpected milky edge to it like the mango one, so it comes off and very creamy and smooth. Again, the flavor lasts a terribly long time and I had to quit chewing before the flavor petered out.

I liked these flavors, and I can add these to my list of gum I actually enjoy. I recommend them if you need something new to add to your gum chewing repertoire. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Extra Gum Webpage



Charles Chocolates Holiday Collection III

I realized a bit too late that I didn’t have a post for today. So sorry! To make up for it I’ll post some nice “eye candy”, or photos of candy that I’ve had but I’ve lost my tasting notes/they’re no longer available/ it’s been too long since I ate them to give a proper review. Sometimes it’s all about looking. smile


Mamba Sour


Snickers Dark


The Chocolate Show: Samples: Comptoir du Cacao Pralines


Rausch Plantagen Schokolade Single Origin Minis I



Munchies Package

Who has the Munchies? I certainly do, well, did, before I wrote this review. Aside from the common snack attack, Munchies are a candy available in the United Kingdom and made by Nestle. I didn’t know quite what they were at first when I spied them in an import store. I was certainly perplexed by the long square-shaped roll. What could possible be inside? Plus, the name is so cute!

I admit I find the packaging very fetching, and I like the fact they display the nutritional facts very prominently on the front. I’m downing 273 calories by eating these, yay!

So what exactly are Munchies? My prompt tearing into the package to find out quickly answered my question. They’re caramel filled chocolates with a small crunchy bit of shortbread biscuit on the bottom. The size and proportions are similar to Rolos, but these are square with line designs on top. Dare to be square!


Munchies Bitten

The chocolate is sweet and slightly malty tasting. The caramel is flowing and sticky and delivers a good burst of extra sweetness with some milky notes. The shortbread center is crunchy and very buttery and blends beautifully with the caramel and chocolate. It’s a great texture contrast: smooth chocolate, chewy, thick caramel and crunchy biscuit.

I was impressed with sturdy these are, as they survived a trip from the UK to Los Angeles where I bought them. Then back in my suitcase to New Jersey, all the time remaining intact.

The flavors aren’t anything especially more special than anything I can find on candy shelves here in the States. But the addition of the biscuit base does make them unique enough for me to pick up more next time I see them.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Altoids Smalls: Sugar Free Wintergreen and Cinnamon

Altoids Mints, the ones we all know as “Curiously Strong” have a line of “Smalls” mints. They keep to the same format at the regular mints, as you still get that cute tin and the promise of a powerful flavor experience. The idea is that they’re made for situations when space is an issue, which I appreciate because I’m a sucker for convenience. 

These particular Altoids Smalls are the two new Sugar Free varieties, which come in both Wintergreen and Cinnamon. Lucky for me, these are my two favorite “breath freshener” flavors. Peppermint and Spearmint tent to be too strong and herbal for my tastes. Each tin hold 50 mints, so they should last me a long time. Especially since I use mints more to make my mouth taste better than to eat them because I enjoy the flavor. Some may argue that doesn’t make them candy, but like gum, I feel they’re a food item that crosses into many genres. 

Wintergreen: Opening the tin I see it full of little blue square tablets, each have a capital letter A on them. The mints have no aroma to them, which I find surprising since I’m used to Altoids being very pungent. The flavor is very fresh and full of wintergreen. It does freshen my breath and feels nice in my mouth. it ‘s a very cooling feeling, and I do get that nice minty burn. The tablet isn’t too hard, I can easily crush it in my teeth if I feel like it. Which I often do.

Cinnamon: These tablets are the same format as the wintergreen, expect these are pink and smell very strong and spicy. These immediately have that strong, fiery burn of hot cinnamon, but it has a sweetness to it which makes it a little more bearable than say, red hots. It gives a nice warm feeling on my tongue, and thankfully never gets too intense for me. They’re tasty and also leave my mouth feeling fresh. The texture is the same, and you get a very strong burn when you chew them.

I liked these a lot. They deliver that fun Altoids flavor while not becoming overpowering like I sometimes find the regular mints. The small tin is cute and convenient and are easily stashed in my purse. I plan to keep these on hand as I find popping a few of these more suited to my liking than chewing a piece of gum when I need nice breath in a pinch.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Altoids Website

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