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Cabury Raspberry Triple Decker

A Cadbury Triple Decker bar, which is a tasty bar if you can find one to try! This one was raspberry and just look at how bright pink that is! Wow. I wish I remembered what it tasted like, but a picture is worth a lot in your imagination, right? It looks very flavorful.


Loud Truck Energy Gummi Package

I’ve heard a lot about these caffeinated gummis when they first debuted on the market a few years ago. Cybele from gave me these samples when I visited her last, as she had many lying around and wanted me to try them. I admit, I was curious to see what the buzz was about about. Ha, ha, get it? Ok, ok, I’ll stop.

The package is adorable first off, I love the color scheme and the image on the front. The illustration of the truck with loud speakers is a nice touch, especially when paired with the tag line of “No crash energy”. Get it? Ok, late pun I promise. They have guarana extract (natural caffeine) and other vitamins such as B12 & C in them, so it seems they’re really pushing an energy factor about these gummis. One one ounce bag of these apparently is the the equivalent of one energy soda (which is 32 mg of the caffeine). 


Loud Truck Energy Gummi Bears

Opening the package up I saw sad to see that the gummis are bears shaped. For some reason I was expecting trucks. I would have rather had trucks. These bears have really nice details to them, and they reminds me very much of the Albanese gummi bear molds.

So how do they taste? They have a nice orangy-citrus flavor that light and authentic. There’s a tinge of bitterness at the end, probably from all the supplements in it, that leaves an aftertaste in my mouth. The texture is nice, it’s chewy and isn’t too sticky. They were nice, but I found myself having the same issue with these as I do regular gummi candy. Not enough flavor. I like something bold and punchy, and gummi bears always taste watered-down to me. I can see gummi enthusiast really digging these though. 

So even tho they taste like other gummis on the market, and with the added benefit of caffeine, I still wasn’t too revved up about them. (Sorry, I had to fit that last one in).

I find it hard to place these in my normal eating routine, because as candy, I don’t eat gummis much, and for the caffeine, I’m happy with a cup of coffee. Still, I’m sure that many of you out there would really welcome something like these energy gummis, so I’d recommend checking them out if you do.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Loud Truck Energy Gummi Website


Coastline Confections

My love of chocolate and candy is well know throughout my family and friends, so I’m often presented with confections that they kindly pick up on trips for me. This bar is one of those gifts, brought back from a trip to Maine. 

This bar is described as “dark chocolate with Maine sea salt” and has a lovely illustration on the wrapper. It feels very rustic and captures the look of Maine very well.

I flip the bar over to look at the ingredients list, and I see that it’s a 54% chocolate, which is more of a bittersweet than a dark in book. There’s no official number that separates bittersweet from semisweet from dark chocolate, so it’s always interesting for me to see how others identify it.

The chocolate is nicely protected in a layer of foil. it has a lovely sheen to it and a rich, dark color. The aroma is lightly fruity and has nice roasted notes. 

On my first bite, all I can say is “wow” this is very rich chocolate. It’s awesome. The chocolate has nice roasted flavors of coffee, caramel, and wood. It has a nice sweetness and it’s very thick and slippery on the tongue. The chocolate is rich in texture and the overall effect is very chocolatey. The sea salt is there and in a nice way, you get it towards the end of the taste and it’s salty, but not overly so. The chocolate is very much the star, yet the salt heightens the overall flavor.

If you’re ever in Maine, or know someone who will be, see if you can get a hold of some of this chocolate. It’s amazing.

Rating: Hoard



Links Coastline Confections Website


Sucre: Bonbons I

I reviewed these beautiful bonbons made by Sucre back when I was writing for Why not head over and check the review out? I promise they’re as delicious as they look.


Q.bel Dark and Mint Bars

I was extremely excited when Q.bel contacted me asking if I’d like free samples of their newest flavors in their line of all natural candy bars. My response was a very enthusiastic “yes!” as I love the varieties I reviewed for TCE before, and I still find myself picking a few of them up on my trips to Whole Foods. The two newcomers here are a Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar and a Dark Chocolate Mint Wafer Bar, to add to the line of the Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Crisped Rice and Peanut Butter Wafer bars.

Let’s get to the tasting!

70% Dark Wafer Bars: The bars are a nice rich dark color and have a nice sheen to them. They smell chocolaty with a hint of coconut and cream. The flavor is very nice as the dark chocolate is rich and very fruity, yet still sweet and creamy like good dark chocolates are. The wafers have that nice “starchy” vanilla flavor to them. The texture is delightfully crisp and breaks beautifully when you chew it. Even though a good hunk of the bar is made up of the wafers, the chocolate between them and the coating really delivers a good chocolate punch and takes the main taste on your tongue. It’s really excellent, I can’t wait to try this with some coffee.

Dark Mint Wafer Bars: These smell minty and sweet as soon as I open the package. I’m reminded of an Andes mint. The flavor is really wonderful. It’s the perfect amount of mint, it’s not too strong, but it’s strong enough to be the main flavor of the bars. The minty flavor comes from the cream that sandwiched between the wafers, and the coolness of the mint really blends well with the nice starchy flavor of the wafers. The dark chocolate is mild and sweet and provides a nice undertone to the mint. I really enjoyed it, despite not being a big mint candy fan. I really recommend them as an after dinner treat or with a nice cup of tea.

These were delicious and met my expectations along with the other Q.bel candy bars. These make a great snack as they are flavorful enough to satisfy a craving, but light enough to not fill me up or give me a sugar rush. These are a delightful sweet if you want something more “natural” or less “guilty” feeling than most candy bars. The whole line of Q.bel’s offerings are great, and these two new bars are no exception. 

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Q.bel Website

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