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Barratt Dolly Mix Bag

I found this bizarre mix of Baratt’s candy in one of the many Irish market’s over in Sunnyside, Queens. I picked up this bag as it looked like a twist on the Bassett’s famous Licorice Mix, which my Dad always ate when I was growing up. Therefore, I snatched it up. The pastel packaging is a direct opposite of the Bassett’s Licorice Mix’s black bag with bold colors. This one feels very…feminine. Lots of pastel pinks and purples, and with the name of “Dolly” I wonder if they refer to a woman’s name or a doll…either way, it’s odd to me.

From the packaging’s exterior, the candy looks like it’s a less intense version of the licorice. Yet, when I opened the bag, I saw nothing that looked like licorice in any form. So these are just some sort of gummi or chewy candy. Here’s what the ingredients say:

“Sugar, glucose syrup, beef gelatin, modified maize starch, vegetable oil, citric acid, natural flavorings, fat reduced cocoa, colours (plain caramel, anthocyanins, paprika extract, beetroot red, lutein), glazing agents (beeswax, pectin), spinach extract.”

So really this says to me these are candies aimed to those who want something naturally colored and sweetened. Someone heath conscious.

There’s two types of these candies here: The soft, white chews with a flavor and gummi bears. The white chews have this odd, soft, starchy and grainy chewy texture. They dissolve quickly in the mouth and just come across as odd.


Barratt Dolly Mix

Oranges ones are orange, lightly sweet and floral and no tang at all.

Pinks are strawberry, with a fruity, berry like flavor with a kick of bubblegum.

Greens are lime, horribly artificial with a tart flavor of floor cleaner. The green gummi bear has the same taste.

Yellow cubes just taste sweet and grainy. No flavor really.

Browns are lightly cocoa.

Purples are pleasantly currant. Very juicy and intensely berry flavored with that signature tartness. It’s the most authentic of the bunch.

Purple gummi bear is beautifully chewy and also has that great currant flavor.

Red gummi bear is strawberry and tastes like those fruit snacks. Very authentic and jammy.

Overall these were and odd purchase. The flavors didn’t really “wow” me, and I suppose they’re nice if you want a candy that’s more “natural”. However, these just felt strange to me and I didn’t finish the bag, much less pick at them when I was desperate for something sweet. They satiated my curiosity, but that’s it.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It


Goldenberg's Peanut Chews Vintage Wrapper Design

To follow up my review of the Dark Chocolate Peanut Chews earlier this week, here’s a peek at what some classic packaging looked like. I have to admit, I actually prefer this color scheme, as I feel it fits the candy better. 


Chew-ets Peanut Chews Dark

If many of you have never seen or heard of Peanut Chews, I’m not terribly surprised.Peanut Chews are a regional favorite around the Philadelphia, PA area where Goldenberg’s Candy Company first created them, around 1920 (the website says 90 years, so I’m taking their word). They’ve recently been bought out by Just Born, another Pennsylvania candy company, but thankfully the Peanut Chews have remained for the most part unchanged.

I first had these as a sample back in 2005 while walking in Soho, New York City. Peanut Chews had a booth in a street fair and were handing out free mini size samples. I took one each of the milk and dark chocolate, and didn’t think much of them until I stumbled across them again a few years later.

The “Chew-Ets” which are the names for the Peanut Chews, are little bars about 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch tall, like stubby Kit kats.  Very cute! So what exactly is a Peanut Chew? They’re giant chunks of peanuts are held together by a molasses caramel and then coated in the mockolate.

It smells lightly of chocolate, but mainly sweet and nutty. 
My first impression is how appropriately this candy is named. Your first bite is just overwhelmed with a wonderful fresh salty peanut taste. You don’t even notice the chocolate (or should I say “mockolate”) or the filling that holds them together. All you just notice a subtle sweetness blanketing the powerful roasted peanut flavor. The texture is great too. Chewy, but not so much so that it feels like work. The molasses gives it a nice moist chew. The peanuts are perfectly roasted, so that despite being large pieces, nothing got stuck in my teeth. I can easily understand why this confection has withstood the test of time and has become a classic.

These are a great candy if you’re into really intense flavors of peanuts and molasses. As it’s an addicting combination. A must for peanut and molasses lovers alike. Certainly worth a try and frequent purchases. If only they used real chocolate…

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Peanut Chews Website


Milka Milkinis Schoko Drops Box

These Bavarian Milka Schoko-Drops came in a candy trade from a few months ago. Or has it been longer than that? I can’t remember, but I can assure you I did eat these fresh and didn’t leave them sitting around for so long before eating to review them. Candy can do no such thing in my neck of the woods.

The Schoko-Drops are pastilles; which are like large, flat Smarties or M&Ms and about the size of a nickel. They come in purple and white,which I find are interesting colors for candy as you don’t see them too often. Biting one in half, I find that they have a milk chocolate outside and a white chocolate inside. Interesting!

Milka Milkinis Schoko Drops

The taste is awesome. Firstly, they’re very sweet and make my throat burn. It’s very creamy and milky tasting, almost like a strong white chocolate but with more of a dry milk sweetness to it. The texture is very smooth and the overall flavor effect is very chocolatey. I wish I had more than this little box, as I’m immediately addicted. Yum!

Rating: Will Buy Again

Will Buy Again

Links Milka Website

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