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PB&Co's Bonbons Box

Surprise! I’m doing a review today with a giveaway instead of my normal Eye Candy Post. I figured my first bog Giveaway should show up on a special day. Read on how to enter….

Around this time of year candy companies try to do something special for Mother’s Day. “Candy season” pretty much ends with Easter, yet I see more and more companies produce specific sweets for us to give to our Mom’s on her special day. Peanut Butter & Co ( PB&Co for short) sent me some free samples of their “Mom’s Lil’ Box O’ Bonbons” that they too created in honor of this holiday. I’ve had some of PB&Co’s other seasonal treats before and have really enjoyed them, so I was all too happy to take them up on their offer.

The box describes the bonbons as: “Milk Chocolate with a crispy white chocolate peanut butter center”.  Sounds promising already! The logo is printed on paper that slips around a sturdy folded white box. I admit, at first I was surprised at the small size of the box, as it weighs in at 2.3 oz and it about the size of half of a VHS tape (does anyone know what those are anymore? Now I feel old…). I reminded myself that it’s “quality not quantity” and realized that this size is a good amount. What Mom wants to be handed a pound of chocolate anyways, seriously? Especially in this day and age when everyone is trying to be healthier to boot. I know for one my Mom would prefer a smaller size, as I’d imagine it’s a less intimidating sort of food gift. I know I’d feel that way.

Each box has eight bonbons in it and I was utterly delighted when I opened the box. The bonbons were neatly nestled inside and were well protected.


PB&Co's Bonbons

The bonbons are beautiful to look at. They’re square, and about the diameter of a quarter. There’s a design of pink spring blossoms printed on the top of each. They feel very fresh and delicate.

The flavor is extremely peanut buttery right away. First you taste the smooth sweetness of the chocolate, then the flavor of the center comes through. It’s very fresh, creamy, nutty, sweet and a little salty. Just like your favorite peanut butter! The texture is awesome too, as it’s very smooth and creamy, yet it’s not dense or oily. There’s also something very crispy in the center too, and I can’t say what exactly is doing that, even though I’ve inspected the bonbon and nibbled at it in hopes of figuring it out. The chocolate coating is not very thick or heavy, so at best you get the chocolate’s sweetness and a little of the flavor. No matter, as the bonbons really are all about the peanut butter.

I really liked these, as a packaged set and in flavor. I think it’s a nice gift as it’s really not too much candy, as each piece clocks in a 50 calories. The flavor of the bonbons is really intense so you don’t feel compelled to eat them all at once. So yes, really yummy! I’d share them with my Mom if she was a big peanut butter lover herself, so I’ll just have to share them with my boyfriend instead.

GIVEAWAY! Peanut Butter & Co was kind enough to give me an extra box to give away to you, my dear readers! Want to win one? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Comment on this post with your favorite peanut butter candy.
2. Please make sure to include your email address, so I have a way of contacting you as the winner. I won’t be sharing it with anyone, pinky swears.
3. You must be a resident of the Unites States. My apologies to all of you elsewhere.
4. Post by 12 noon EST on Sunday, May 2nd.

I will randomly draw a winner that night and email you for your address so I can send your box of bonbons out to you. Thanks and best of luck. smile

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Bonbons on Peanut Butter & Co’s Website


Almond Joy Package

Almondy Joy, and it’s sister bar Mounds, are classic candy bars to me. At the same time, I feel they’re over overlooked compared to Snickers, Milky Way and all the other more well marketed candy bars on shelves nowadays. Cybele over at has a great summary on Almond Joy’s history, which will certainly add some appreciation, as well as take away some of the mystery regarding this candy bar.

One things for sure, Almond Joy is a unique bar, which is why I feel it’s been around for so long. So what makes it special? It’s the coconut center. Most candy bars today rely on nougat or peanut butter for its filling, but not Almond Joy. It consists of a moist coconut center, topped with a fresh almond, and enrobed in milk chocolate. Now, doesn’t that sound good? Let’s taste!

The bar is gorgeous once unwrapped, and it smells sweet and very strongly of coconut. Very inviting.


Almond Joy

Taking my first bite, the coconut flavor dominates,my taste buds and the texture is very moist, flaky, dense and chewy. It strikes me as extremely fresh. The almond is nutty and crunchy with a mild nutty flavor that doesn’t compete with the coconut. The chocolate is barely noticeable, as I get sweetness from it, but not real flavor as the coconut is too powerful. The texture contrast here with the crunchy almond and the dense chewy coconut is awesome and it really the selling point of this bar for me.

So Almond Joy is not only unique, but also really delicious. A must for any coconut lover out there looking for a sweet fix.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

Links Almond Joy Website



Wonka Fruit Marvels Boxes

Another new offering from Wonka, and a very fun one at that. These are the last of the free samples I was sent, but I assure you, they’re not the least! I feel this new line of Wonka candies really get into the spirit of the character Willy Wonka and the crazy candy genius he is. So what is a Marvel? It’s the same sort of explanation you get when you try to explain what Nerds and SweetTarts and Gobstoppers are: they’re a candy all their own.

Marvels are hard candy with a gummi center. The colors are bright and you see an uneven light sugar dusting on them. They’re very pretty. The coating is hard, but not hard enough from crunching down on it if you wanted to. So you can either suck on these slowly and work your way though to the soft center, or you can crunch down on them and get a nice texture contrast on the hard/soft bits. Either way it’s super fun!


Wonka Fruit Marvels Tins


Wonka Fruit Marvels

White Grape: A lovely light green/yellow color. starts out lightly sweet then the flavor of muscat grapes come forward. it has notes of peach, grapes accented wit that nice floral flavor. it’s extremely authentic and it’s so delicious. I love it.

Orange: These are a bight intense orange color. the flavor is very tart, and it reminds me of a SweetTart in that way. i don’t get much in terms of flavor other than the tang, but there’s light orange notes in there, but they’re not juicy like I’m used to.

Pomegranate: They’re very striking and dark pink in color. the flavor is sweet, fruity and slightly tart. it’s hard to lay my finger on exactly what pomegranate flavor is, but this is very berry like, with notes of blackberries and strawberries and it’s really yummy.

These were both yummy and unique. You won’t find another candy like it. If you’re into trying something new, I really recommend giving these a try.


Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Wonka Website



Taza display at the 2009 Fancy Food Show in New York City. It’s simply and incredibly attractive, not to mention their special stone ground chocolate is delicious.


Wonka Fruit Jellies Boxes

Out of all the tempting offerings in the new Wonka candies, these were the ones I was most excited about. I was so happy to see that I was given these in the box of free samples, I immediately started to squeal with glee. To prove that I’m not totally crazy, when I showed these to my boyfriend and explained what they were, he too went giddy. Yes, I’m really that excited about a candy.

So what are these new Fruit Jellies? Well, in essence, they’re little squares of fruit pate. Yeah, you heard me, it’s that stuff I love so much. These Wonka versions are just as tasty and cute as the kinda I’ve had before. These look like colorful little sugar cubes. They’re made up of brightly colored jelly and coated with granular sugar. They’re sooo pretty, and I had a fun time arranging them for the photo.


Wonka Fruit Jellies

Apple: These are dark pink in color, like the center of a ruby red grapefruit. The flavor is very floral and juicy. It has notes of apples, and it reminds me of a sweeter apple juice.

Goji: I’m not sure what a real goji berry tastes like, as I’ve only had it mixed into chocolate or other confections, so it’s hard to individualize the flavor. This is very succulent, with notes of pineapple and passionfruit. Really delicious and awesome.


Immediately tart and juicy like a real grapefruit. Halfway through the flavor, some sweetness shows through, and it’s really lovely. A great representation of the flavor.

I cannot gush about these enough. They’re amazing. I love them. I’m so happy to have an affordable version of fruit pate in my candy aisle. I will buy these as I know I can’t get enough of them. You have to give these a try.

Rating: Hoard


Links Wonka Website

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