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Gilliam Candy Sticks Rainbow I

In all color of the rainbow!


Katjes Tappsy Bag

I am always amazed on how many different varieties of licorice that exist out there. Living in the United States, you really don’t see that many, as it’s not a popular candy here, for reasons I don’t quite understand. Walk into any store that imports candy from Europe and you start to get an idea of how extremely popular and diverse a candy it really is. These Tappsy licorice candies are not only different from other varieties I’ve had before, they’re also more creative. I’ve seen licorice in animal shapes before, fish and cats come right to mind. But panda faces? Really? This is certainly new territory.

So what are these Panda faces made of? Well, aside from the accents of black licorice to define the features, the white part is a soft, gummi “foam”. It’s chewy, yet not very dense. It reminds me of the “cream” part in many gummies you find here in the USA, like the white part of those blue gummi sharks you see everywhere.


Katjes Tappsy

The flavor is really nice, and not as delicate as I imagined. Depending on the piece you got, as there were pieces that had the base of black licorice accented with the white foam, and others visa versa. The white foam is lightly sweet and is a little marshmallow-y in flavor, a light vanilla flavor accented by a starchiness. The licorice is lovely with delicate herbal notes and a wonderful rich molasses base to it. They two parts blend beautifully and I found myself very tempted to keep eating these one after another.

I definitely recommend these if you love black licorice and you are looking for something new. I was wonderfully surprised with these! Yay, pandas are yummy!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Orange and Pear Gummi

Along with the Chelsea Praline Scotch from last week, these two Kajuy Gummies were bought at that Asian Market in New York City. I am a sucker for Japanese gummies, as I’ve never tasted more flavorful and wonderfully chewy gummies in all my life. I saw these and decided to try the new flavors. The decisions to buy them was an easy one!

Gummies in Japan in the past few years have sort of experienced a popularity explosion. Collagen, that grouping of proteins, has been touted as a “health item” that gives you better skin. And candy companies have been putting this stuff in gummies which has led to better sales (which is just my guess as I’m seeing more and more gummies all the time, so I figure they’re trying to keep up with the demand). These gummies here boast a whole 2700mg of collagen in each package. Impressive!

Pear: The pieces are pear shaped and have a nice golden yellow color to them. they smell strongly of apples and that floral note of pear. the flavor strongly mimics the aroma, and tastes beautifully of a juicy pear, with flavors of apples, grapes and that nice floral taste. It’s lovely and very authentic.

Orange: Has a nice rich color and a shape like little orange segments, and they even have some texture to show the pulp ripples. The flavor is extremely juicy, with nice sweet/sour notes of the orange. It’s extremely delicious. Yum.

Once again I am pleased with how extremely tasty Japanese gummies are. These were wonderful and authentic, and it makes me wish I had these as a child instead of gummi bears. I probably would have liked gummies if that was the case, but, better late than never, right?

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Carnival Skittles Display

I know I’ve stated here on the blog that I wasn’t much of a Skittles fan. Goodness though, these Skittles were AWESOME. I stockpiled some but quickly ran out. I wish they’re bring them back!


See's Coffee Walnut Caramel

The newest limited edition flavor from See’s Candies has just been released in stores this past Friday, the 16th! I would have gotten this post out sooner if I had been home to receive my free samples of the new flavor: Coffee Walnut Caramel. I had gone out of town for a long weekend and thankfully the chocolates were waiting for me upon my return! These are not available by phone or online ordering, so if you have a See’s Candy Store nearby, you’re in luck!

These chocolate sound like a tasty mouthful, don’t they?. Coffee, walnuts and caramel? That’s a lot of stuff right there! I opened up my sample box and was greeted by rows of lovely, square, chocolates with beautiful rippled tops from the milk chocolate enrobing. Picking one up, it’s much heavier than I expected, and much taller too. Usually these sort of chocolates are about 1/2 inch tall of so, these are more like 3/4 of an inch. Impressive to say the least. The smell is sweet, creamy and very inviting.

Picking up a piece in my had, the chocolates are well formed. I take a bite and find that the texture is dense, like a thick and chewy fresh fudge. The caramel isn’t watery or flowing but more solid, again, like fresh fudge.

The caramel is wonderful thick and chewy, and not the least bit sticky. it has nice toasted sugar notes with a well rounded buttery taste. the coffee flavor is seamlessly blended in, and you get a good roasted, nutty, coffee taste mixing in with the buttery sweetness.

The walnuts are large chunks sprinkled in the caramel. they are extremely fresh with a nice, meaty chewy to them. They have that buttery, nutty, slightly tannic flavor and it’s awesome. The milk chocolate coating proves a flavor that binds all the elements while adding a nice sweetness to it.

A really awesome and flavorful chocolate bonbon here. These are going to be really popular when I share them with friends.

CONTEST: Ok, I have a gift certificate from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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