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Pacari Guava/Banana

I was really excited to see these Pacari Chocolate Darak Chocolate covered fruit pieces in Whole Foods the other week. I remember tasting Pacari Chocolate back in the 2008 New York Fancy Food Show and really being impressed with their Ecuadorian chocolate. I hadn’t heard hide nor hair of them since so it really made me happy to see them carried in a main stream store. I was also really excited about seeing one of my favorite fruits, the guava, being paired with chocolate. Squee!

Each box holds the chocolate pieces in a nicely sealed plastic bag to keep them fresh. The pieces range in size, and I’m reminded of fish tank pebbles. They have a nice dark chocolate with a sheen to them.

The guava you immediately taste the rich, fruity, dark chocolate. It’s very flavorful and rich and it’s very exquisite. You don’t taste the guava right away, only once the chocolate starts to melt does its fruity, passion fruit/banana/strawberry flavor begin to show. It’s delicate, yet it compliments the chocolate in a lovely way. Quite delicious.

The banana is more straightforward. You immediately taste the banana as you eat it, with it’s sweet starchy flavor. You hardly notice the chocolate here at all, other than the sweetness it provides. My boyfriend liked this one better than the guava, but he’s a big banana lover to begin with.

I liked these little nuggets, as they were a fun format to eat. Pick them one by one, or by a small handful. I can see them used as decoration on top of cupcakes and such. My only gripe was I felt they were a bit expensive for the small package size (I can’t recall the exact price, fail on my part). But, these are fair trade and organic, so you certainly get what you pay for.

A great tropical flavored chocolate escape. I’m happy to have a guava chocolate, and I was pleased with the flavor of both of these. If you have the funds, I’d recommend trying them.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Pacari Website


Disney Candy Confections: Norway Candy

Another candy I got while at Walt Disney World. This came from Epcot’s World Showcase in Norway. I didn’t try it, but it sure looks interesting.


M&Ms Pretzel Bag

Meet the latest addition to the M&M family: Pretzel M&Ms. They came out a few weeks ago, with a limited release in Wal-Mart stores, and now they should be found most everywhere. I’ve been seeing them in assorted drug stores and convenience marts alike. Simply put, pretzel M&Ms have pretzel in the…which is pretty self explanatory. People have been pairing pretzels and chocolate for years now, so it’s only logical that M&Ms eventually jump on the bandwagon.

The packaging design borrows from the Crispy M&Ms that came out a few years ago. A blue colored package with a nervous Orange on the front. This makes me sad since I loved the Crispy M&Ms, and the reuse of this design makes me sure they’re not going to ever release them again. An entire package of these clocks in at 150 calories, which is much less than all the other varieties. Which makes this a much better choice if you’re watching that sort of thing.

The M&Ms are big. Bigger than the Peanut M&Ms even. The pretzel pieces are round, so the M&Ms are like little bloated globes. They’re very lightweight surprisingly, and there’s some variation in their size, but they’re all just really big.

The texture is very crunchy, between the candy shell and the pretzel core. Oddly enough, I don’t get a lot of chocolate flavor until the very end, once the pretzel has been chewed away. I get the sweetness from the candy shell, then the starchy saltiness of the pretzel. Once I’m ready to swallow, only then do I taste the chocolate. Strange, to say the last. Guess there’s too much pretzel to go around!

Overall? I liked these M&Ms, but they didn’t replace the Plain M&Ms as my favorites. If you’re really big on that sweet/salty combination, I’d give these a try.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links M&Ms Website


Panda Cherry Licorice Bag

I was totally excited to hear Panda was coming out with a nice Cherry Licorice flavor. I love Panda’s licorice flavors, and aside from the standard black licorice, their discontinued Strawberry is sorely missed within my candy repertoire. So here’s a new red licorice that could possibly take the place of the strawberry? Sign me up.

I love the packaging design. The licorice comes in a resealable 6 oz bag, which as the iconic Panda illustration on it, along with a clear image of the licorice and red cherries. It’s really a pleasing design.

The first thing that told me right away that this cherry licorice is different from all the other kinda I’ve had before is the ingredients list: Molasses, Wheat Flour, Cherry Puree, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Licorice Extract.  See that? Cherry puree! None of those wonky medicinal tasting artificial flavors. This is the real stuff.


Panda Cherry Licorice

The pieces are a deep maroon color with a sticky texture to them. I feel a film on my hands when I handle them, but part of that could be the humidity. They’re about an inch long and have that star cross section pattern to them. The pieces smell starchy with a hint of black cherry.

The texture is surprisingly thick and chewy. They dissolve after maybe 20 chews, which is a lot longer than what I was expecting. The flavor is wonderful, way more intense than I expected. It has that iconic black cherry flavor to it, not that fake “red” flavor you get with most licorice. It’s oddly moist and the chew isn’t sticky at all. Really lovely.

If you’re into red licorice, you must try this stuff. It’s awesome. My boyfriend loves it and has since polished off the bag. Try some of this and never look back at Twizzlers, I’m serious.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Disney Candy Confections:  Disney Candy

This is some candy I picked up at Walt Disney World a few years ago. They were very poor rip-offs of Starburst from what I remember. Grainy and not very flavorful.

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