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Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Cool Lemon

Sometime the candy I find are completely by accident and therefore are impulse buys. This box of Icebreakers Ice Cubes Cool Lemon was exactly one of those purchases. I was standing on line in Target and I noticed them on the candy shelf. What made them stand out from all the other candy offerings was the yellow package and the words “Cool Lemon” on the front. Lemon? Lemon is one of my favorite citrus fruits and I don’t feel it’s used nearly enough in candy confections, even though I understand it’s a hard flavor to work with.

The packaging is nice with it’s small boxy size and vibrant colors. The shape makes it difficult to fit into pockets, but it will nestle into a purse nicely. The shape is necessary to keep the gum inside safe from being smooched. The size of gum pieces is comparable to a sugar cube. They’re quite cute actually. The pieces are a nice frosted yellow color and smell lightly of lemon.

The chew is immediately soft and inviting. The flavor is immediately of a sweet/tart lemon and it’s very authentic. I get notes of bitterness every so often as if I had bitten some of the fruit’s pith. There’s a cooling sensation along with it that doesn’t interfere with the flavor at all. The only down point is that the flavor doesn’t stay around for long, about 10 minutes in the taste started to disappear. I wouldn’t recommend this on the gum’s longevity, but the flavor is incredible.

If I was a bigger gum chewer, I’d buy these 24/7. Since I’m not, I’ll probably be turning to these to fill in my gum needs as my cravings demand. The lemon flavor is refreshing and look forward to enjoying them again soon.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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:aura's Chocolates Almond Bark

This pretty almond bark made by Laura’s Chocolates, a chocolatier who my mom found at the Cooperstown Farmer’s Market. I think she enjoys showing me that chocolate companies can be found most everywhere, even in rural Upstate New York. The almond bark was lovely and needed to be eaten fresh, as like most things found at a farmer’s market.


Vosges Amalfi Bar

My readers, we’ve made it! The last in my long stint of Vosges chocolate bar reviews! This bar I saved for last because it’s easily my favorite bar by Vosges. So allow me to present you the Amalfi bar which is made up of lemon zest, pink peppercorns and 36% cocoa butter white chocolate. When I first saw this bar I was a little nervous about the addition of the peppercorns. Lemon and white chocolate? Sure, that pairing seemed very natural to me, but the peppercorns struck me as odd. Still, I was extremely excited about finding a white chocolate bar so I bought it to take home and devour.

Opening the wrapper, the bar smells like a lemon cupcake: a fresh lemon scent with a creamy note. The chocolate is a lovely, light yellow color with flecks of pink from the peppercorns. It’s really pretty.

The flavor is immediately creamy and lemony, as it tastes just like a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. You don’t really taste the peppercorns much at all, and once in awhile I get one and it gives a light herbal note to the chocolate that’s a nice hint of flavor. It’s not peppery or overly spicy like one would expect from a peppercorn. These a much milder and have a floral flavor to them with only a hint of pepper. Amazingly all these flavors work extremely well together and make an unusual, but delicious bar.

I am smitten with this bar! The peppercorns are misleading but it’s terribly yummy. You must give this a try if you’re a white chocolate fan.

Rating: Hoard



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