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Chocolate Owl

This was a candy that was too cute to eat. Behold the chocolate owl!


Bavarian Malt Candies

I found this extremely classic-looking bag of Bavarian Malt Candies in a German deli a good 15 minute drive from where I live. My friend insisted on take my boyfriend and I to this place in search of good sausages and since I’m a food lover, I accepted her invitation. The deli itself was adorable and the cured meats and sausages they had are delicious. One things I didn’t count on was a German candy selection, and that’s where I saw this bag. An interesting find for sure!

The bag is very 1950’s looking with its white and blue checkered background and simple graphic design. It’s a familiar, yet simple visual presentation. The back of the bag describes the old tradition of these boiled-sugar malt candy, which is a nice touch. Apparently is used to be medicinal (which is where candy evolved from).

The pieces inside are an array of sizes and shapes, but they all have a rich, molasses brown color to them. They remind me of smoother, more well formed rock candy chunks. They smell toasted and sweet.

The flavor is familiar and classic. The taste is sweet with notes of toasted wheat. Every so often there’s a hint of smoke in them. It’s a very simple, yet robust flavor. I am a fan.

This is an excellent example of something simple being extremely tasty. Hopefully I can go back to that deli for more sausages and a few more bags of this nice treat. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again


Caffrel Gianduja

Finding a Caffarel product not in a trade show always feels like striking gold to me. They’re an Italian confectionery company with an outstanding line of chocolate products. ON the rare occasions I find their booths and am able to sample some of their many delights and am always impressed with design, texture and flavors. So color my surprised when I was visiting a store during a trip through Topanga Canyon where I found some Caffarel products. Eureka!

This is a bar of their Gianduja, or hazelnut/chocolate mixture which is perfected by the Italians. The bar comes in a yellow wrapper that has lots of Rococo styled art and motifs and its feels very Easter-like.

The gianduja is a beautiful creamy middle brown color with a matte surface. It’s sectioned off into squares, two for each row which are about one inch by one inch squares that each have the Caffarel logo molded on them. The aroma is sweet and creamy with a hint of nuttiness.

The chocolate gianduja is extremely rich and creamy and melts beautifully. The flavor tastes very strongly hazelnut, with its rich nutty flavor and nice creamy, toasted notes. The hazelnut is the star, as I don’t get a lot of chocolate flavor here. If I could compare it to Nutella, the flavor is more refined, but less chocolately. It’s really awesome.

I wish Caffarel’s products were more widely available in the US. They have wonderful flavors that stand out amongst a lot of the confections we get here which can just taste overly sweet. So if you ever come across a Caffarel chocolate bar, I recommend you try it, as like this bar in the review here it’s bound to be really tasty and a rare treat.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Caffarel Website


Cardamom Sugar Plum

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been exposed to a plethora of cultural markets that have given me access to international candies. These Cardamom Sugar Plum candies were found in an Armenian bakery. They’re rock sugar candy with cardamom seeds in them. They have this wonderful sweet/spicy flavor that’s both complex and simple at the same time. Not to mention that it’s just gorgeous to look at.


Sunkist Citrus Burst

It’s not often you see citrus flavors other than orange in the mint aisle in the store. Yes, you see gum frequently flavored with orange, as orange is the star child of the citrus fruits. This is why I was so surprised when I found the Ice Breakers Cool Lemon, and even more excited when I found this Sunkist Citrus Burst in Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor.

The tin is pretty and compact. It’s main color scheme is pink with accents of yellow and blue. The cap pops open easily and the mints roll out easily. They look like little pink pills, round and pink with a big “S” stamped cleanly into them. Each piece is pristine and kept safe in the tin. There’s no aroma from what I can detect.

The flavor starts out tasting like a fresh glass of squeezes grapefruit juice. I am not kidding! It’s sour and sweet and really tastes authentic with it’s fresh, at moments bitter, citrus notes. The only thing that breaks the illusion for me is the taste of the artificial sugar in there, but goodness there as good!

Really loved these. They says “Ruby Red Grapefruit” flavored and they delivered. A must if you’re a grapefruit fan.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Sunkist Website

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