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Carnival Skittles Gum

Oh, Carnival Skittles, how I miss you! This version of the flavors in gum form was released as a limited edition about the same time as the regular Skittles version. The gum has lasted longer in my candy stash since I’m not the biggest gum chewer. Which is good for my friend, who digs through my candy stash every time she visits cause shes loves these. Seems like both versions are just as addictive!


Trident Vitality

This new gum by Trident stood out to me right away because of the snazzy silver box. A pretty illustration has an orange (or is that a tangerine) and a wild strawberry on the front. This gum also has Vitamin C in it, which is a new trend I’m noticing now as I see gums in stores.

The box opens on one side to show the tray of chicklet-styled gum in their “pop-out” tray. I like how this box keeps the tray inside from sliding around too much, but at the same time is could be considered cumbersome to carry if you don’t have a purse with you. You get nine pieces in total.

The flavor starts off tasting more like melon than strawberry or orange to me. As I chew the flavor changes to taste more like orange juice. Then, you get the sweet, perfumy flavor of strawberries accenting the background the longer you chew. It’s a really nice combination and the flavor gets more mellow and blended the longer you chew. There is a “fresh” sensation with this gum. It feels cool in your mouth, yet it doesn’t taste like mint.

The flavor of this gum is really nice. I’ll have to try the two other varieties they have sometime. A nice option if you’re looking to have gum and more Vitamin C in your diet.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Trident Gum Webpage


Toblerone White

Toblerone is a chocolate I didn’t get any exposure to until I got into college. I guess my parents figured it’s pretty large for a chocolate bar for a kid, and my high school years were spent living in the countryside, so I didn’t have any stores close by that carried it. At least I don’t’ recall seeing it ever, and this was before CVS and other large drug stores started to stock them. I’ve only had the milk, dark, and seasonal raisin variety previously, so you could imagine my excitement when I saw a white variety existed. I quickly snatched it up.

For those of you unfamiliar with Toblerone, it’s a long chocolate bar that comes in a triangular box. The mountain icon on the package has a bear in it. The chocolate itself is molded into ridges so that it looks like mountains and easily broke off to enjoy one at a time.

So how does it taste? The white chocolate is excellent. It’s sweet, buttery and has a slight chocolate flavor as good white chocolate should. It melts wonderfully in the mouth. The crispy nougat bits in the chocolate has a very pronounced honey flavor with a nutty edge to them. The chocolate and the nougat blends wonderfully together to make a very satisfying flavor. The nougat bits are quite sticky if try to chew them. They get stuck in your teeth easily, so I recommend the whole “letting it melt in your mouth” strategy here.

The bar is awesome and I must try for any white chocolate lover. While I love it, I think if this is your first time having a Toblerone you should try the milk chocolate first, then try the white chocolate variety.

Rating:  Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Toblerone Website

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