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Rococo Chocolate: Orange & Geranium

This chocolate bar is a gift from my sister upon returning from a trip to Scotland. She knows that anything unique catches my eye, and that’s what prompted her thoughtful gift of this Rococo “Orange & Geranium” chocolate bar.

For a chocolate bar, it’s beautifully packaged. A orange wrapper with geometric shapes and a blue and white logo with hand written ink script in indigo ink. Has a very exotic and antique feel to it.

The bar is a minimum 65% dark chocolate, which is stated on the back of the wrapper by the ingredients. So really it lies in my favorite chocolate % (I prefer the 50% to 70% range). The wrapper has a long paragraph on it that explains the artistic nature of the chocolate bar. I was going to wait to read it so I could paraphrase it for you all here, but then I decided I didn’t care much for what they said, so I doubt you would too. Lets just say they put a lot of thought into the flavors of this bar.

Opening the bar the chocolate has a wonderful red/brown color to it and a pretty sheen. The aroma is extremely powerful with strong hints of spices and flowers. It’s intense and reminds me of a perfume shop.

The flavor is…sadly just as strange as it smells. It’s overwhelmingly soapy with flavors I can’t really describe but I know they’re flowery and strong. I don’t taste any orange at all in here, just this odd, odd taste.

I couldn’t take more than a bite of it since the flavor is just too much like soap. I couldn’t bear it. The additions to the chocolate just overpowered the flavors so much that it really ruined it for me. I hope to try some of their other flavor varieties sometime so my opinion is tainted by this one bar.

Rating: Inedible



Links Rococo Chocolate’s Website


Hershey's Drops Cookies 'n' Creme

Along with the regular Milk Chocolate Hershey’s Drops I found, I also saw this “Cookies ‘n’ Creme” variety. This flavor makes sense since they’re based on bars that Hershey’s already has, and the Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavor is one I know many are a fan of. Again with the “No candy shell-No mess” tagline. So strange!

These are the same size as the Milk Chocolate drops. Somewhere between a quarter and a nickel. Here the name “Hershey’s” is printed on with brown letters, which stands out on the white shell. You can also easily see the cookie bits in the white chocolate. Which, I hesitate to call it white chocolate because even though cocoa butter is listed, it’s followed by palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oils. That’s a lot of oils in one white chocolate! Granted, since this is Hershey’s it still could be a lot worse.

The flavor starts out very sweet, and you get the notes of the white chocolate which have a strong vanilla and milky flavor. The cookies bits start to protrude as the chocolate melts away. and they have a sweet crunch to them, but no real specific cookie flavor. Just sweet. This tasted just like the bar form.

I liked this a lot more than the normal Milk Chocolate Drops. The Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavor is more unique and makes me want to go back to them. The milk chocolate variety feels too much like a sadder M&M to me.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Hershey’s Drops Cookies ‘n’ Creme Webpage



Disney Gummy Flowers

These came from a box of Disney’s “Gummy Flowers”, which was a brightly colored box with Tinkerbell on it that I found in a dollar store. They’re sour gummies, and I don’t recall liking them very much.


Hershey's Drops Milk Chocolate

I had heard about these new “Drops” that Hershey’s was coming out with. Hershey’s seems to really like experimenting with methods on how to make their chocolate more accessible. From their line of minis, to the little bags of Kisses I saw in the checkout line in the grocery store. The front of this package reads: “No candy shell - No mess” which makes me suspect they’re trying to compete with M&Ms. What happened to the whole “melts in your mouth, not in your hands”? Maybe they abandoned that marketing tagline a long time ago and expect no one to remember it.

As with most Hershey products, first thing I do it look at the ingredient list on the back. Hershey’s has been cutting a lot of corners recently with their chocolate products, so I wanted to know what I was getting into. The ingredients are almost wholesome, to my surprise. No tropical oils are to be seen, which are the wost offender. Thankfully there’s coco butter listed but so is “PGPR” , so really it’s a step ahead of mockolate. It does use confectioner’s glaze instead of a shell, so vegans beware.

The drops are wide and flat-ish, like a button or a bean. They’re in between the size of a nickel and a quarter in diameter. They are shiny and have the word “Hershey’s” printed on the top. So overall, they’re very pretty to look at. Not quite as colorful and fun as M&Ms, but way more appealing that trying to eat Kisses or the baking morsels.

The flavor is exactly of Hershey’s chocolate. Starts of very sweet, with a creamy texture to it. With the sweetness there’s chocolatey notes to it which are very mild. There’s really no milk flavor here, just sweetness. There’s also that classic throat burn when you swallow.

These were a nice step in a new direction for Hershey’s, but it’s not exciting enough for me to keep buying them. As a candy taster my preferences in chocolate have gotten more sophisticated so I don’t find myself craving Hershey’s often. Also, the bag these come in make it hard to eat a little at a time, since you want to keep working at it. Portion control Sera, portion control.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Hershey’s Drops Webpage



KitKat Cheese

The last of my recent Kit Kat finds is this Parmesan Cheese Kit Kat. Yeah, you heard me, Parmesan cheese. Why they decided this was a flavor to incorporate into a Kit Kat, I’m not sure. But, it’s new, it’s interesting, and it’s unique. So of course I’m going to try it. Otherwise my taste buds are going to forever regret not ever giving it a shot, no matter how bad it potentially may be.

These, unlike the other Kit Kats, came is a box with individual Kit Kat “fingers’ as opposed to the big “grab bag” the other were. They each come individually wrapped and have a pretty orange and yellow color scheme on the little wrappers. I get the feeling even the makers of this flavor realize it’s more unique, and packaged it to reflect that. Are they suggesting you’d only want to each one finger of these as opposed to the normal two? I think I am thinking too hard about this…

The naked Kit Kat is pristine white in color. It smells exactly like Parmesan cheese actually. It’s cheesy, tart and slightly odious with a sharp note to it. I was surprised by this, cause I was secretly hoping that this would be more like cheesecake. I guess I am mistaken.

The flavor is sweet and first. It’s creamy with a hint of coconut. The the flavor grows and you get those sharp cheesy notes that say “Parmesan cheese” to me. Think of it as Parmesan mixed with Ricotta cheese; creamy and cheesy. You just have to add the sugar in to complete the flavor. I take a few more bites and the flavor kinda grows on me, once you know what to expect. The tart/sweet works surprisingly well and makes for a very tasty Kit Kat.

Sometimes strange can also be tasty. This is a good example of such. If you’re a fan of Parmesan cheese, this is worth a try. It’s a fun curiosity to indulge in.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Japanese Kit Kat Website


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