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El Lobo II

El Lobo is a special type of Spanish Almond Torrone. I took this photo a few years ago, but I still think it’s gorgeous to look at.


Hawaiian Punch Splashers

Here’s the second of the Hawaiian Punch fruit snacks reviews. These are different from the last variety since these are, from what it looks like, Hawaiian Punch’s version of “Gushers”. Basically, those are fruit snacks with a gooey liquid center. My boyfriend was super excited about these, since this type of fruit snack is super special compared to the “normal” variety. The kind parents didn’t like to buy since these are more expensive and they look more like real candy than the others.

Unlike the other Hawaiian Punch fruit snacks, these do not have the big flavor variety. These only come in four flavors and even then the flavor variation per package was very uneven. Many were all red and a few were all blue with one orange flavor in them.

Fruit Juicy Red: The flavor is very “red” without being too metallic or medicinal. Starts off very nondescript at first, then blooms into that fruity Hawaiian Punch flavor. Notes of orange, pineapple, passion fruit and cherries is what I detect. Tasty and faithful to the original.

Lemon Berry Squeeze: Much milder and sweeter than the Fruit Juicy Red flavor. Notes of zest and lemonade perks up quickly and gives this flavor a nice zing to it.

Berry Blue Typhoon: This one is more sour and berry flavored than the others. For once the flavor isn’t misleading! It does have some of that “artificial” blue flavor to it, but it also has some nice berry flavor in there for once.

Of course the texture of these is really fun. The chewy outer part is thick and satisfying, and the gush from the center’s filling is fun and tasty. Out of all of these my boyfriend picked these out and ate the first. I’m assuming any kid would do the same.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Hawaiian Punch Website



Hawaiian Punch Fruit Snacks

My next round of fruit snacks come from Hawaiian Punch. I was excited to see they are branching out in regard to their products. The only other candy item of Hawaiian Punch’s that I know of is their jelly beans (which I liked). I was never a big drinker of Hawaiian Punch, but I do recall liking the flavor on rare occasions.

Firstly, I want to address the box. Sorry, but the newly rendered drawing of the mascot is just creepy. The original 2D drawing of him with his very abstract beachcomber hat is so fun and iconic to me. I really loved how they almost looked like antlers.

I was impressed with the large flavor variety these snacks had. They managed to take all sorts of flavors and give them trademarked names no less, and all of them are kinda in that tropical themed area. Very fun.

Orange Ocean: Shaped like an orange slice, the color is a deep orange red. Just smells sweet and fruity. The flavor is very bright and orange, with nice tart notes to it.

Green Berry Rush: Looks like a raspberry but it’s a light, neon green color. The flavor is strange, it’s like a lime/strawberry flavor. Strange tart notes with a jammy sweetness.

Lemon Berry Squeeze: Shaped like a whole lemon, even with dimples! The flavor is more mellow than the others. It tastes like a typical lemon fruit snack, it has lemon flavors but isn’t tart at all.

Fruit Juicy Red: This one is the Hawaiian Punch fella in bright, deep red. The taste is very mild, you barely get notes of the Hawaiian punch flavor amongst the sweetness.

Mango Passion Fruit Squeeze: This one is also Hawaiian Punch fella in shape, but is more of a light yellow orange. The taste is very peachy and vibrant. I get some notes of melon in there. By far the most tropical tasting of the bunch.

Berry Blue Typhoon: This is the Hawaiian Punch logo in a teal green color. The taste is sweet and vague. It has berry notes to it but it’s forgettable.

I think this is a packet of fruit snacks that kids (and kids at heard) who’d like a lot. They come in a bunch of fun colors and flavors. And even though I found some of the flavors to be unexciting to me, I feel any kid would be totally pumped to get these in their lunchbox. It’s more that overall, these taste “fun”. So from the angle of a kid, I’d be excited about them. I know at least back in school I would be.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Hawaiian Punch Website



Haribo Pico Balla Pieces

I was lucky once and found these Haribo Pico Balla candies. They’re red licorice with a fruity filling and I remember really loving them. Too bad I haven’t seen them since.


Tree Top Fruit Snacks Bags

I was recently presented with a lovely selection of samples of different kinds of fruit snacks from Farley’s and Sathers Candy Company, Inc. I want to make note of again, before I start all these reviews, that because I accept free samples from companies doesn’t mean I am guaranteeing them a great review or any other from of repayment for the free stuff. No, I review this stuff because I like to try things. If the product stinks, I’ll say so.

With that being said, I figured I’d start this fruit snack review with the thought of: are fruit snacks candy? I wouldn’t have thought so right away, and then I noticed Cybele over at reviewed these Simpson’s Fruit Snacks. When I now think about it, yeah, they are re-packaged gummi candies. It’s just they’re not every shelved with the candy items in the store, so it must be there to dupe Mother’s into thinking these are a good substitute for fruit. Or at least that’s what kids want them to think.

Heck, as a kid, I loved these things. I was the best day ever, when I found a packet of these in my lunch box. Which, wasn’t very often at all. Even now, my boyfriend still loves these things, and you should have seen the smile on his face when we saw me bring these home. I had to be very careful he didn’t eat them all before I did my reviews.

These TreeTop Fruit Snacks were my only samples that didn’t come in a complete box. I only know TreeTop for the fruit juice boxes I’ve seen in stores, I’ve never actually had them since I’m not a big juice drinker.


Tree Top Fruit Snacks Fruit Dimentions

The “Fruit Dimensions” appeared to be more tropical and citrus oriented:

Orange: Juicy and has some peachy notes to it at first. More orange flavors show up afterward but they’re very mild.

Peach: Mild and juicy, more like a berry flavor. It’s very jammy, and no real “peach” flavors to me.

Pineapple: very floral and juicy, has notes I’d expect from pineapple. Yum.

Berry: mild and juicy. this tastes like a ripe blackberry to me, but much sweeter.

Pomegranate: Oddly starchy and bland. The flavor reminds me of cardboard. Yucky and strange.


Tree Top Fruit Snacks

The plainer “Fruit Snacks” variety are more berry based:

Orange: Much different than the last one. This one actually tastes like orange. Bight, zesty citrus notes. I really liked it.

Cherry: Nice and sweet with deep black cherry flavors. Doesn’t come off as medicinal at all.

Strawberry: Mild, but very jammy and sweet. I like it.

Berry: Sweet and mild as well. The flavor isn’t very distinct at all. Can’t say what berry it is.

These are pretty tasty. Some of the flavors didn’t “wow” me but that’s really no good gauge as to how a kid would react to these. I let my boyfriend taste these too and he enjoyed them, so as far a fruit snack choices, if the flavors here appeal to you, these are worth a try.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Tree Top Fruit Snacks Webpage


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