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Ritter Sport Straciatella

I admit upon seeing this bar, I was confused as to what “Stracciatella” was. The wrapper shows an ice cream cone on it, so my first assumption is that it’s an ice cream flavor. Interested by all of this, I bought the bar and took it home to review.I cannot resist new things.

Also some poking around the internet, I found out that Stracciatella is the Italian version of our Chocolate Chip ice cream. Which is essentially vanilla ice cream with chocolate flecks in it. Simple, yet tasty. I break open the wrapper to examine it, and as always, Ritter Bars are beautifully pristine. I snap off a row of chocolates and I see the white cream interior, complete with chocolate flecks.

The chocolate has a nice layer of white cream flecked with chocolate bits in it. The flavor is milky at first, then there’s an accent with nice notes of the chocolate. The chocolate is rich, but not too sweet. The center is very creamy and tastes like vanilla and milk. I’m immediately reminded of ice cream. I can’t really taste the chocolate flecks, but the chocolate exterior more than makes up for that. The two parts together makes it a nice chocolate/vanilla flavor mix. Like a chocolate vanilla twist soft serve ice cream cone.

I found this bar extremely tasty, and it’s nice to have a bar with a more vanilla cream filling than a chocolate one. It feels more unique to me for some reason. Everyone I shared this bar with really enjoyed it too, so I know I am not alone in my opinion. If your flavor preference run more on the classical side, I’d give this one a try. It feels new, but with the flavors we all know and love.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Ritter Sport Cornflake

One of the first times I ever heard about a Ritter Sport bar, was in regard to this specific one with the cornflakes added to it. I recall it’s bright yellow package and thinking about how the color matched the hue of cornflakes. I also recall thinking about what an interesting idea it was, to finally use a different type of cereal in a chocolate bar. Now that I think about it, the possibilities are endless. So naturally I’m confused as to why only one with crisped rice and cornflakes exist. I digress. I am excited about finally trying this bar after admiring for so much time.

The cornflakes have been crushed, so they’re not the full cornflake size. I was a bit worried about that, because if they were full size they wouldn’t fit well in the chocolate bar or my mouth. Plus I imagine that could possibly hurt!

The bar is incredibly crispy. Think of it as a Nestle Crunch bar on steroids. It’s not too chunky, but just enough to be addicting and satisfying. The milk chocolate is sweet and creamy. It doesn’t taste too tangy, unlike many European chocolate tend to taste like. Instead it’s just sweet and chocolatey. You don’t really taste the cornflakes at all, just a nice crunchy texture.

I really liked this bar! It’s familiar yet different at the same time. Id certainly go so far as to say this is one of my favorite Ritter Sport bars. The texture contrast of the smooth chocolate and the crispy corn flakes is incredible, and it makes eating this bar all the more fun. I look forward to when I will treat myself to another one.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Kitkat Passion Fruit Bars '09

These are Japanese Kit Kats that are passion fruit flavored. I love how they are heart themed and are snack size to share with your loved one, co workers or classmates. Cute!


Ritter Sport Espresso

I was shopping in Cost Plus World market in November specifically looking for this Ritter Sport Espresso bar. I’m a big fan of Ritter Sport’s offerings, so I was very disappointed when Cost Plus didn’t have it anywhere in the store. Thankfully I found it on a second visit closer to Christmas, where I was doing some last minute shopping. I immediately snatched up three bars, as I anticipated that they were going to be really good. Finally I had my long awaited new Ritter Sport Espresso bar!

The packaging is classic, with the standard square shape that Ritter Sport is known for. The wrapper is a deep brown color, reminiscent of coffee, with a snowflake pattern all over it. It’s accented with a illustration of nice cup of espresso.

I opened the bar with the special “snap and open” method I’ve only seen on Ritter Sport bars. The chocloate smells rich and toasty with notes of caramel and smooth, roasted coffee. It’s an amazing aroma. I easily snap off a piece from the first, four-sectioned row.

The flavor starts out sweet and creamy with the chocolate. Beautiful notes of chocolate and cream, which are both smooth and very deep. The espresso flavor kicks in about halfway, introducing very intense flavors of smooth, roasted, earthy coffee flavors. The mixture of the two is incredibly heavenly.

This bar is amazing. The flavors blend so beautifully with each other while also remaining distinguishable. The texture of the bar is silky smooth to boot. I cannot wait to have this with a cup of coffee, as I imagine it’d be the perfect pairing. This bar is a must for any coffee and chocolate lover. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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KitKat Pumpkin Cheesecake

I found this bag of Pumpkin Cheesecake Kitkats when I was out doing some shopping in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. There’s a ton of adorable little shops down there, and it’s my “to-go” place for much of my holiday shopping. While there, I came across these Kitkats. I’ve had many a Pumpkin Kitkat in my time, and I’m always game for trying them. I’m such a sucker for pumpkin anything. Despite being somewhat pricey due to the fact they’re imported, I snatched these up and excitedly took them home.

The package on these is so adorable. Halloween is long and gone, but I still can appreciate the rich brown and orange color scheme and the adorable Jack ‘O Lanterns with their happy grins. The one with the heart shaped eyes is especially cute. Inside the main bag there’s a bunch of smaller, individually wrapped two finger bars. A nice serving size as it’s not to big, not too small.

The Kitkat smells sweet and slight cream cheesy. The color is an pale golden yellow.

The flavor is very sweet and cream cheesy at first. It’s very delicate as there’s more white chocolate in there to cut the tang of the cheese. You do get a hint of pumpkin, which, I am happy to report, is more like the plain squash part of pumpkin instead of pumpkin pie. I like the real flavor of pumpkin a lot, so I’m happy this isn’t dragged down with a lot of cinnamon and nutmeg. The result is this nice blend of the flavors described that does taste like a delicate, Japanese cheesecake. It’s awesome!

I am really smitten with these. They’re be a treat I’d buy regularly if it wasn’t for the limited availability and the import price. Still, I am going to enjoy the rest of my bag to the fullest. These are a terrific little afternoon pick me up, and they’re also diving with coffee. I recommend these highly to any fan of pumpkin. Mixed with Kitkat, it’s a match made in heaven!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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